Agenda 18-08-29

The agenda for today's meeting will be:

  • Notes and AI from the previous meeting
  • Text in FAQ/questions
  • Marketing materials
  • Samvera Connect
    • Partners meeting
    • Conference presentation
  • DLF

AI:  Chris will - Get in touch with Steve, Robin, etc... for Samvera into using PPT Template and the State of the Union

-if folks want to take a look at the template, please do so before the end of the week

A standard hand-out - plans

Flyer or tri-fold/ memory stick (w/ Annual report, etc...)/ bookmark

Stickers - where are the designs for the stickers?  Mark Bussey - has them (Chris is asking)

We'd need to produce bookmarks - 

Design for a bookmark (Richard may have masters for Bookmark) - designed and produced

AI:  Get an estimate for print costs - print with Utah?  Bookmark template - 

Hydra file is a Publisher file - 

Khaki bags

Memory stick - 50 memory sticks

DuraSpace does hold our monies - Ryan will contact Val Hollister

2 opportunities - Partners - chance to describe what we'd like to do with marketing/ invite further contribution from partners

                            Connect - present work undertaken to whole of the conference - and remind everyone how they're part of the community and thus marketing

Ways in which both of those presentations - Chris will share before next call

Monday the 8th - is Partners - 10th is Plenary

at request of Partners - meeting is day before connect