Samvera Marketing WG July 14th - Website review

The call on July 14th focused on areas of the Samvera website that would benefit from a review and update, without needing to cover the whole site. These notes summarise the main points discussed and actions from these.

Website review

  • It would be helpful to get different members of the Community to review the website and make suggestions for anything they feel needs updating. This could usefully cover those with different profiles, e.g., a Partner, an adopter, a new user, etc., as these different groups may see things differently.

  • Nabeela will draw up a brief Google Form that we can promote through the Community to gather feedback.

News items

  • There was a sense that it may be useful to generate more news items to a) show dynamism within the Community and b) push down older items about registering for events that have already take place.

  • One source of such news items could be to replicate what Heather puts in the current newsletter that is sent round, adapted for an external audience as appropriate. Heather to give this consideration and all to consider what other items it would be useful to share in this way.


  • This was the main section contributed by the WG, and as such merits our review as authors. Chris will make a copy in a Google doc and all are asked to assign themselves to reviewing a number of the sections so we cover all of them between us.

  • It was noted that the Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy were referenced in the FAQ, but that they are not linked from elsewhere, and that giving them more prominence would be in keeping with the intent within the Community to have them underpin our activity. The two are currently being combined, and this will be added as a distinct link when that work is complete.

Steering Group → Board

  • It was noted that with the name change to Steering Board that this will need changing across the website. Heather to review (as a Friday afternoon task!).

Applications and demos

  • This list appeared up to date, but would be worth re-visiting to be sure - Chris will review. It was agreed that links to any demos within the Samvera Repo or on Youtube should be added where available and permission is granted. A link to the wiki page of implementations also needs adding, to provide additional detail. Heather to review in the context of how the demos recorded at Partner meetings are made available.

Technology stack

  • Heather and Nabeela to ask the Roadmaps Alignment Group for their review of this to make sure it continues to accurately reflect the current state of play to external users. Could the Samvera 101 presentation from Connect 2020 be useful here (acknowledging it may become dated)?

Frontpage screenshots

  • It was agreed that a Community Ask would be included to request additional front page screenshots for inclusion in the carousel on the main website page, as these have not been updated for some time.

Case studies

  • Chris to process those received and get them to Heather for adding to the website.