Agenda 19-11-13

Chris Awre

Karen Cariani

Richard Green

Nabeela Jaffer (apologies)

Alicia Morris

Charlotte Nunes (apologies)

  1. Matters arising from the last call

  2. Update from Samvera Connect
    1. Samvera Marketing input (incl. table etc.)
      Need to revisit the Samvera leaflet and try to include the vision statement.  CA will send the Illustrator file to AM who will see what she can do.  It would be nice to have this in time for the CNI meeting (which is soon) but we definitely need it in time for next year's conferences.
    2. Samvera vision statement and mission statement
      We note the vision statement which has been approved by Partners and will consider what a mission statement to go with it.
    3. Roadmap Council says Hyrax is a product (not a solution bundle); do our FAQs etc reflect this?
      We need to check that our 'outputs' reflect this.  RG will check the FAQ.

  3. Update from DLF table
    Thanks to KC for spending much time on the Samvera table on behalf of the Community.  Feedback:  needs something to make passers by want to engage with people at the table - more than just the table cloth and stickers.  Needs printed leaflets (notwithstanding any digital version that may have been given to attendees).  Loop presentation on a screen?  Game?  Hanging poster behind table?  Table should be 'advertized' at any workshop to encourage people to continue conversations later.  Need to talk to Avalon folks to see if we shouldn't be promoting them too - CA will investigate.  On this occasion it felt duplicative to have a table next to DCE.

  4. Current activity
    1. Events listing
      Not much information being volunteered.  A full-time Community Manager might be tasked with searching this out more aggressively and gathering back presentations and the like for the wiki/repository.  (KC will share the slides from the imminent AMIA conference.)
    2. Profiles
    3. Use cases
      Profiles and use cases both on website.  CA will now try to solicit more.
    4. Brochure
      Need a 'bigger and better' brochure - no time to do this before CNI, revisit later.
    5. Audiences
  5. Events
    1. CNI
      We believe Jon Dunn and Rosalyn Metz are making a presentation on behalf of Samvera

  6. Marketing materials
    Robin Ruggaber has the table cloth {?}, Jon Dunn has the stickers.

  7. Pending
    1. Overhaul of website
      Make this the main topic for the next call
    2. What's the difference between communication and marketing?
      Marketing is effectively 'recruitment@ whilst communication is more internal - though some materials will be common.

  8. Date of next call
    1. Wednesday 27th November