Samvera Marketing WG July 28th - Samvera repository role

Matters arising from previous meeting

  • Website review

    • Nabeela had created a Google Form to invite members of the community to volunteer to assist with the review. Following review, this will be pushed out.

    • The deadline for a review of the FAQ is the end of August.

    • Heather will check on the Google Analytics access to inform which pages are most used.

    • There was a review of the Wikipedia entry for Samvera.

Main theme for this meeting

  • Samvera repository

    • It was agreed that more could be made of the Samvera repository. 44% of Partners had never used it, and 12% even said they would never use it.

    • Currently, all deposits go through Heather. Moving to self-deposit, with permissions, with mediation will alleviate this workload and get more people engaged in the repository. This will be put in place ahead of Samvera Connect 2021, once the status of the Notch8 hosting/implementation has been checked.

    • There would need to be a disclaimer to avoid any unnecessary liability in what was accessed through the repository.

    • The default role is to hold Samvera event materials and link to these as need be. Other files from non-Samvera events could also be added if colleagues wished to add them. Video files wouldn’t work per se given the configuration, but adding a metadata record with a link to the Youtube file would support discovery: a future alternative might be to establish an Avalon demo site. Overall, a collections development policy for the repository would be helpful.

    • Adding a link to the repository from the website would be a helpful way in for people looking for material.