Marketing Working Group - 8 July 2020


  • Chris Awre (Facilitator) (apologies)
  • Karen Cariani
  • Richard Green
  • Nabeela Jaffer (apologies)
  • Alicia Morris


Discuss the following possible initiatives and suggest a path forward and timetable leading up to Connect 2020 on-line

  • Adding to the list of user profiles and case studies we can include on the website
  • Understanding how our marketing effort relates or might connect to the marketing activity that Lyrasis carries out
    Deferred pending discussions between the Samvera Steering Group and Lyrasis to explore the same topic.  RG will set about initiating the Steering Group discussion about what they could and would offer.  We did agree, though, that we should make a conscious effort to market Connect 2020 on-line to try and engage participants who would never have travelled to a physical conference.
  • Considering how to reach out to different audiences, with an initial focus on senior managers (AUL, etc.)
    We previously discussed the idea of a workshop at Connect 2020 targeting AULs.  Are these AULs currently 'inside' or 'outside' the Samvera Community? - probably both.  How would we get 'outsider' AULs informed and interested about the event? - brainstorm a set of listservs etc to advertize it.  ALL to contribute to this list. (Google doc here.)
    What would the content of such a workshop be?  How would it differ from the current beginners' workshop? Probably less technical.  Ask senior managers inside the Community to suggest ideas for the content.  RG to send an email; discuss any responses next call.
  • Ideas of how Samvera might be important in any retrenchment in community support that takes place due to budget shortages 
  • Using the vision statement for marketing purposes (based on Hannah’s input)
    We have previously discussed having wiki/website content linked to the emphasized words in the vision statement that illustrates them in practice.  (Probably we would want links from each empahasized word, or else none and then only if the link CSS does not destroy the look of the page.  RG to investigate. (Research: The current CSS turns the linked word black - thus effectively hiding it.))  Hannah had agreed to do some thinking about this linking idea.  An additional idea might be to link to implementations that illustrate some of them.  Might also be good if clicking a screenshot in the homepage carousel took you to the site.  ALL to look to see what pages in the website could be used as the link targets and to suggest extra pages or page content when there is no obvious candidate (Google doc here).  RG to contact Hannah and see if she has thought further about the idea.  RG to investigate if the carousel would support links (Research:  it will not as things stand).

Date of next call:  Wednesday 22nd July 11:30 EDT