Agenda 19-10-09

The agenda for the Samvera Marketing WG call on October 9th.

  1. Matters arising from the last call

  2. Samvera vision statement

    Samvera: a vibrant and welcoming community of information and technology professionals who share challenges, build expertise, and create sustainable, best-in-class solutions, making the world’s digital collections accessible now and into the future.

    The draft vision statement is distilled from the exercises carried out at the March Partner meeting.  The WG had multiple meetings to decide what should critically be included: community, and aspiration to best-in-class.  Feedback from the group that it should be more aspirational if it is a vision statement (probably just a wording issue).  Should it be more about knowledge management? Should it include a phrase about enabling libraries and cultural (heritage) institutions - why are we different from a for-profit?  From the vision statement can we also derive a mission statement?

  3. Events
    1. Samvera Partner Meeting (see Partners Meeting Connect 2019)
      Karen will do the WG report back.
    2. Samvera Connect (esp WG lightning report)
      Karen will do the WG report back.
    3. DLF
      A cloth-based 'poster' to go behind an exhibition table to complement the table cloth would be good (and easily portable).
    4. CNI
      We (Samvera) hope to be giving a talk to promote ourselves to this higher-level audience.  Steering's 'not a white paper' about the Community might be the basis for a brochure aimed at an executive-level audience.

  4. Current activity
    1. Events listing
      Steering is being polled for coming events after lack of response from Partners.
    2. Profiles
      Chris is progressing this and hopes to have website-ready content available next week.
    3. Use cases
      How do we promote our contributions to enabling open-access?  Oxford are working with Symplectic on open-access via Hyrax.  Might they write a case study?
    4. Audiences

  5. Marketing materials
    An exhibition table cloth has been produced ahead of DLF.  Sticker stocks have been replenished.  See also 3c above.

  6. Hyrax - what's in a name?
    There is confusion about how to describe Hyrax - what is it?  A product, a gem, ..?  Steering are starting a process to try an get clarity and consistency around this.

  7. Brochure
    Brochure in PDF form on the USB stick for DLF; paper copies for the Connect tote bag and the Connect exhibition table.

  8. Date of next meeting
    Wednesday 6 November - usual time slot. (Next fortnightly slot falls during Connect)