Individual Profiles

Work Package:  Recognize individuals within community who can contribute a mini-profile based on a set of questions, cycle them through, scope of that work package


Julie Rudder - NC (non-partner contributor and user)

Esme Cowles - Princeton (manager, contributor, user)

Julie Allinson - CoSector, Univ. of London (I mean, It's Julie)

Hannah Frost - Stanford (Major code contributor)

Jon Dunn - Indiana (Avalon and other uses)

Nora Egloff (with Charlotte Nunes) - Lafayette  (small to mid-size institution)

Steve Van Tuyl - Oregon State (Migration from DSpace)

Who is in Berlin? 

  • Other German contributor - Johannes Frenzel, Ruhr University Bochum (
  • Government Archive in Berlin - Gerrit Gragert, State Library Berlin (
  • French Contributor - Joachim Dornbusch, Ecole des hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris ( 
  • Mexico - Connect roster? - Alberto Martinez, Biblioteca Daniel Cosio Villegas, El Colegio de México, (
  • Mexico - (look at PASIG program) -


What makes Samvera stand apart from other repository applications?

What do you get out of the Samvera community?

What do you get out of the Samvera technology stack?

How has participation in Samvera benefited your library?  How has it benefited the users of your library?

What has happened within Samvera in the past year or two that you would want someone to know?

For coders:

How often do you talk to other developers in the Samvera Community?

What have you accomplished within the Samvera development community this year?

Looking back at the past 12-18 months, what have you accomplished locally at your institution thanks to the Samvera technology stack or community?

For Administrators and managers:

How do you describe the Return on Investment of community work for your local resources when it comes to Samvera?

What collections are you most proud of in your Samvera repository and why?

How do you tell potential users of Samvera on your campus about Samvera?

Generate Questions as next steps.