Agenda August 15th

On the call
Steph Taylor
  1. Notes and Action Items from the previous meeting
  2. Flyer/brochure development
    1. Quote from WGBH - 15-20hrs design work @ $100 ph = $1500-2000  (plus printing?)
    2. Ryan will nudge Oregon State
  3. Powerpoint template
    1. Richard will forward tomorrow
  4. Confirmation and development of bumpf
    1. Samples ordered - but not yet arrived
    2. Address obtained from Brian McBride for delivery
    3. Need to figure out who will order/ how it will be paid for - see below
  5. Samvera Connect
    1. Need to decide what we will be taking - not "significant" giveaways for everyone - but perhaps some better bundles to incentivize response in the Marketing presentation?
  6. DLF (and other conferences)
    1. Need samples before we can make any decisions.
  7. Review FAQ page at Draft content for questions we are asked
    1. See below
  8. Next call August 29th

Ryan AI - follow up again this week from Oregon State - see if their office of students can help us out on design

Ryan will book Steph and Alicia to look at:  Draft content for questions we are asked

on Friday next week at about 10:00 AM Texas Time.

AI:  Val Holister-   talk to them about billing for marketing materials.  Check to make sure that billing to Duraspace is fine.  Will invoice to Duraspace (unless they have a different plan)