Agenda 18-08-01

The agenda for the Samvera Marketing Group WG on August 1st.

  1. Notes and Action Items from the previous meeting
  2. Flyer/brochure development
  3. Powerpoint template
  4. Confirmation and development of bumpf
  5. Samvera Connect
  6. DLF (and other conferences)

Oregon State as likely place to get design work done - not free at WGBH

Case studies - Richard followed up with Linda - but she may have already retired.  Richard going to ask Andrew about study.  Use as a stop-gap, or target a few people?

Case studies they would use as part of the welcoming workshop. 

AI:  Chris will talk to Steve or Julie.  

Who owns the Samvera Twitter?  Richard - learned Esme has it - has a team on it. 

If and when COmmunity Manager - comes on - they should take it over.  Circular team management.  Assign to folks during events like Samvera Connect.

Schedule a number of people to tweet about events under the account. 

Possibly set up a meeting just on the twitter ccount. 

AI  PPT:  Talk to Robin, Julie and Steve - make sure they put their presentation into the new template

Many questions relate to what Samvera is.  Should the slide carry 4-5 words stating what Samvera is?  Embed as footer - 

AI:  Try some dummies to see what works.

Karen - Twitter at Connect - Can have Casey do it.  Casey skilled at social media.  

AI:  Ask Casey.  See if she'll do it.  Then we'll meet with her to sort out methodology for tweeting.

Art is with Mark for the hex sticker.  Mark is out of town.  

When we get the art - put it under password so it isn't used without permission/ knowing what for

Steering - $2500 for marketing materials

Produce a flyer - some brochure that folds (tri-fold) -

Text taken and derived from answers to questions.

(a) flyer and what we're doing there

(b) aspects of design of brochure

(c) refine language on page

Sharpen language.  

Who is the audience for the flyer?  - anyone with quick insight

Gatefold going back to management - maybe for COnnect

As members of this community - able and willing to market as part of community

a bag that can be handed out to each institution - can be used locally to convey the argument

Stickers, flyer - how long it may take to get brochure in place

AI - add a page for deliverables and timeframe

What is the most important info to convey 

AI - put together a tri-fold (Richard) with placeholder content - by end of the week

Put draft content on three separate pages 

AI:  Alicia, Chris, Ryan work on copy - Alicia out on the 13th - just Ryan and Richard at next meeting

AI:  Richard will share PPT ideas next meeting 

Target conferences - have 30 sticks specifically for attendees of the meeting - 

AI:  - folding bags.  Get some free samples from 4Imprint  

Sticks - pick a color similar to logo - orange and brown - 

Reflect call for areas of discussion proposed at Partners - have a brief session to talk to Partners about what we're putting together, prior to a broader discussion at the meeting itself

DLF - delivered somewhere - Ryan will take between SLC and Las Vegas

Stateside - what comes after DLF - 

AI:  Get a list of conferences for 2018-19

Steering call - Bess has trademarks, and is handing over Blacklight trademark