Agenda 19-05-22 (used on 19-06-05)

The agenda for the meeting of the Samvera Marketing WG on May 22nd is as follows:

  1. Notes and actions from previous call (see Agenda 19-05-08)
    1. Samvera Events Calendar

  2. Review of current work
    1. Slide deck
    2. Case studies
    3. Personal profiles:
    4. Leaflet
    5. FAQ
    6. Audiences
      1. To develop the feedback from Samvera Partners on the audiences we need to focus attention on

  3. Events
    1. Open Repositories
    2. Environmental swag

  4. Domain names
    1. Purchase (and .com) as insurance against mis-use by others? (Apparently available in the US for $12pa)

From 05/08

AI: Go back to the notes from Partners and see if there's anything we need to pick up - not much to pick up

AI:  rsteans Ryan look for container for leaflets from 4Imprint - Ryan will link here to recycled folder

AI:  Find out when Carolyn and Hannah will be done (rsteans Ryan will ask Carolyn)

AI:  Investigate Options -  for calendar (Richard Green Nabeela Jaffer ) - New solution working very well for shared calendar!

AI:  please provide feedback re: leaflet (ALL)  - font size, white space, marker on page edge could make it easier to fold,  

      designer has tried to accommodate - a cut down version of the text - simpler clearer message will result.  For OR, proposing to use the existing version of the leaflet.  

AI: Charlotte Nunes Charlotte will link to working doc in WG page

   AI:  FAQ answer is brief - (rsteans Ryan) will write copy to make sure we have a FAQ on how a contributor can join in 

          Will take care of by end of week

Audiences - summary of audiences - Alicia and Charlotte - summarize feedback into the groups - Chris will add feedback into summaries of audiences

Review and Notes 06/05

Slide deck - Robin, Julie and Chris looking at deck for intro to Samvera workshop.  Will be 90 minutes.  Create a version to feel comfortable in delivering in the timeframe.  Make the OR version available - a more compact version.  (90 minutes)

No technical deep dive at OR this year, so trying to get a hands-on worked in.

A second Samvera workshop - implementation of Hyku - what's happening at British Library.

 Case studies in progress.  Slow to receive.  Wrap what we've got, present them at OR in workshop.

Personal Profiles - Ryan Start pinging people next week

FAQ - a living document we can add content to, but let's wait til we're heading to Connect to get back to it and see what content we can add

Events - 

Open Repositories - Samvera has a table, get in touch with vendors - DCE, Ubiquity... for that table - stickers, Chris has bags and will distribute at table, stack of leaflets as well

AI - would it be useful to see if we can capture a list of events where people have raised Samvera, build a list so we understand what the wider community knows about Samvera?

Richard has a list of events - let's coordinate.  AI: Richard will consider how that might be done

Environmental Swag - We take an environmental view

Straws, tape measures

DOmain names

connect 2019 program committee - how best to have an online program - one of the committee available for $12.  Purely as an insurance - shall be purchased.

Look for date of the email so we can get back to it