Controlled Vocabs Decision Tree Meeting 2020-08-19

Connection Info:

4-5pm Eastern

Notetaker: Juliet Hardesty

Attendees: Julie, Gretchen, Rebecca, Erik, Dawn


  • Controlled Vocabulary (CV) Decision Tree
    • Ready for SMIG review
      • overall relevance/helpfulness
      • Hyrax/Hyku relevance/helpfulness
      • ask for more Further Reading recommendations
      • thoughts/feedback on spreadsheet of CV options
      • other venues that might be good places to share/publish (Code4Lib community, DLF?)
  • Our thoughts on spreadsheet of CV options vs Github repo
    • also as an option (there is a free version but no one has used it yet)
    • Add Hyrax/Hyku tab info as Appendix in CV Decision Tree doc - Julie DONE
    • Add general concept fields and examples (and namespaces) as appendix in CV Decision Tree doc - Julie DONE
    • Check with Lynette that QA tab info is available in QA gem docs or should be added as appendix - Julie DONE
    • reformat spreadsheet to list use criteria discussed in CV Decision Tree - Julie DONE
    • Create google form with criteria for suggesting CV to add to spreadsheet - doesn't have to happen right now
  • Samvera Connect proposal?
    • lightning talk - proposal due October 4