Controlled Vocabs Decision Tree Meeting 2020-10-14

Connection Info:

4-5pm Eastern

Notetaker: Juliet Hardesty

Attendees: Gretchen Gueguen, Dawn Childress, Heather Greer Klein, Julie Hardesty



  • spreadsheet
    • date last updated useful if available 
    • if it's an old date, can be a trigger to look for something new but regardless it's good info
    • form for this would be something we have to keep it up
    • maybe take responsibility for this for a while, then after a year or so, pass it along to someone else to maintain (like DLF or something)
    • GitHub option - good way to have others pick up maintaining and carrying it forward
    • maybe mix of approaches - start with spreadsheet/form to get started and change it to Github to archive it and passing it along
      • maybe try with formatted CSV - that works well in Github
    • Decision Tree can be in Github too
  • Send to DLF Metadata Assessment WG, CritCat folks, Code4Lib, ALA?, DLF MSG Slack
  • Ask for feedback at Samvera Connect then meet up again after that (maybe after DLF) about any feedback received, passing along for feedback to other groups, setting up for collaboration and adding to spreadsheet (either as spreadsheet or as Github repo)