Controlled Vocabs Decision Tree Meeting 2020-04-29

Connection Info:

4-5pm Eastern

Notetaker: Julie Hardesty

Attendees: Julie, Lynette, Dawn, Rebecca, Gretchen


  • Controlled Vocabularies - Use Cases
  • Controlled Vocabulary (CV) Decision Tree
    • Decision tree levels - Dawn
      • interweaving decision tree and examples
      • can probably abstract out and use Hyrax/Hyku as example
      • using 2 existing CVs behind a single field (in Hyrax) is level 2 or level 3?
        • more like level 2 for CV decisions since Vocabs already exist
        • for Hyrax, implementing combined CVs is pretty advanced technically
        • maybe offer Hyrax/Hyku difficulty ranking to show that separate set of levels
      • example fields should maybe be different between levels, but within same collection type
        • collection type - art collection 
        • level 1 - subject field
        • level 2 - genre field for doubling up CVs (LCGFT and AAT and TGM)
          • maybe use different fields for each type of level 2 activity
          • modifying might be taking a subset - DPLA example of using only 30 terms from AAT
        • level 3 - format field or department/unit field
          • this gets into taxonomy development - there are resources out there we can point to
          • also, is this for local use only or is this a Vocab that doesn't exist that others also need?
          • also, is there a vocab but it's not in a format that you can use with your software and what decisions/communications need to occur to be able to take a vocab in one format and set up in another format for local use?
    • Medium/form/material example - doesn't necessarily work all the way through, have to adjust Level 2 and Level 3 outlines and go from there
    • Restructure Level 2 outline and Level 3 outline so they are more ready for additional writing - Julie will work on this and contact group when ready
    • Level 1 is ready for writing - CV evaluation points are listed higher up in google doc
  • Resources for CVs
    • Classification schemes and CVs (not a CV source itself, but how to point people to look for, find, and use sources like these from marginalized communities)