Controlled Vocabs Decision Tree Meeting 2020-03-31

Connection Info:

3-4pm Eastern

Notetaker: Julie Hardesty

Attendees: Julie, Erik, Gretchen, Rebecca


  • Controlled Vocabularies - Use Cases
    • Additional fields or vocabulary sources?
      • IR-specific fields for department, unit, categories like this - would be locally-defined for common use specific to an institution or consortia; need to mention this in Decision Tree document
    • Check MODS/RDF field names and update General Concept column
      • not as useful for general names of fields
    • Might want to further separate Hyrax/Hyku info into separate tab to split up common fields from fields specific to Hyrax/Hyku and how they are used there
  • Controlled Vocabulary (CV) Decision Tree
    • Sources for CVs
      • needs to involve strategies for finding CVs which also needs to include evaluating what you find (maybe Evaluation is sub-part)
    • Decision Tree questions
    • Evaluation tips
    • Everyone consider a field that you would use a CV and see what questions you would ask yourself - edit Decision Tree questions section to include those for next meeting
  • Hyrax enhancements
    • contemplate this for next meeting
    • IR use cases - have a strong group working on Hyku now; limitation that CVs have to be assigned across all tenants of an installation