Controlled Vocabs Decision Tree Meeting 2020-03-03

Connection Info:

3-4pm Eastern

Notetaker: Juliet Hardesty

Attendees: Rebecca, Erik, Dawn, Julie, Lynette


  • Controlled Vocabularies - Use Cases
    • Hyrax MAP -
    • Hyku MAP -
    • Hyrax/Hyku don't connect up Creator/Contributor but you might want to consider doing that
    • Seeing what we have to know what we might want to add to this list
    • Some places with same fields that use different CVs
    • who is audience? maybe they know some of this but not all of it
      • may know which CVs to use but not how to implement or know they want CV but not which one
    • QA tab
      • QA can be used in any app, not just Hyrax - has to be Ruby app that can be accessed via CURL, so any application with access to CURL
    • reorg spreadsheet
      • not Hyrax fields, but just Fields, then column for Hyrax/Hyku
      • column for general concept of fields
        • Rights (while Hyrax calls this "Rights statement")
    • consider MODS/RDF mapping that include properties that are beyond default Hyrax fields (see MODS and RDF Descriptive Metadata Subgroup)
      • make sure generalized field names are same as MODS/RDF recommendations
      • Add column to specify MODS element name
    • Try column for IR or Digital Collections
    • Data Sets - metadata tends to be pretty basic (Erik's XP) but might not have specialized fields
  • Controlled Vocabulary (CV) Decision Tree
    • this could work as a decision tree
      • some will use system as IR, some for digital collections
      • might be differences in way you handle fields (wouldn't use CV for creator in IR, probably, for example)
      • Hyrax allows you to choose from multiple CVs for same field; might want to use different CVs for different types of fields (not sure if Hyrax requires that those are technically different fields, like with different field names)
    • provide options for CVs to use (simpler than LCSH, more subject-appropriate than LCSH, for example)
    • include Intro that connects to MODS/RDF recommendations for grounding in how we're naming types of fields
    • what is goal of work? aiming to simplify work or aiming to provide options for specialized cataloging?
    • For each field, list individual CVs that could be used, then provide groupings of CVs (that are listed in document now) for general searching
  • Next steps
    • Doodle poll for alternate meeting time week of March 16 - Julie
    • Identify additional use cases?
      • Fill in spreadsheet with fields we already use or know are used with CVs
    • Write up first section of Decision Tree document
    • Contemplate what would be enhancements for Hyrax