Samvera Marketing WG agenda, February 10th 2021


  1. Notes and matters arising from previous meeting (see January 27th)

    1. Outreach logic model

      1. No current update - to be picked up again in preparation for Virtual Connect in April

      2. A query was flagged about the availability of analytics of usage of the website

      3. Heather highlighted a need to review and update certain parts of the website. The updating that took place in early 2020 was noted, with a recognized need to identify when different pages would benefit from ongoing review.

    2. StoryMap.js trail

      1. Charlotte is meeting potential student workers this Friday (2/12)

    3. Use cases/profiles

      1. All potential contacts and contributors have been contacted.

    4. Open Repositories 2021

      1. Two proposals had been submitted: a presentation outlining the work of the Marketing WG, with a focus on celebrating the content within our repositories; and a workshop that follows the same lines as the one given given at Samvera Connect in 2020, focusing on senior managers the role of repositories in informing digital strategy.

    5. Metadata reach-out

      1. Chris will develop some initial ideas and share them for comment/expansion

    6. Samvera Repository (Possible Goal)

      1. Alicia and Nabeela will work on slides and a demo of the repository to be presented at the April’s partner meeting. Heather will check with Notch8 for analytics.

      2. The Samvera repo could also be showcased in the Annual Report for 2020 as useful.

    7. Code4Lib sponsorship

      1. Heather to check with Steering for approval of using funds for sponsoring Code4Lib, and the associated process. Sponsorship at a ‘Contributor’ level seemed most appropriate.

      2. Options for Open Repositories sponsorship will also be explored once details have been made available.

  2. Internal marketing (with Mikala Narlock from Notre Dame - please review her presentation at Samvera Connect ahead of the call to inform discussion)

    1. Mikala spoke to her presentation to inform general discussion about the marketing of repositories:

      1. The refined scope was driven by a need to focus on those areas where there were specific requests for assistance, and where grants were available to support work. This had led the repository to focus on scholarly communication.

      2. Engaging internal advocates generated a useful snowball effect of awareness and engagement.

      3. A needs assessment highlighted a lack of interest amongst academics about preservation , but a keen interest in ensuring that materials in the repository were visible and accessible through other routes, e.g., through integration with Google Scholar.