November 9, 2018 Partner Call

Samvera Partners Call
Friday, November 9, 2018
11:30 am  |  Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-05:00)  |  1 hr 

Meeting number: 737 192 431 
Meeting password:h9cwrT45

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Code of Conduct

We want Samvera Community to be a fun, informative, engaging event for all our partners and participants. We've got a few strategies to help make this happen:

    1. We encourage everyone to apply the Samvera community principles of openness, inquiry, and respect in their interactions at the event.

    2. We have officially adopted an Anti-Harassment Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to community helpers 




Facilitator: Simeon Warner

Note Taker:  rsteans


  • Steering progress towards vote on bylaws (Richard Green)
  • Roadmap Council Charter (partner vote possibly combined with bylaws vote) (Richard Green)
  • Progress towards re-charter of Contributions Working Group (Richard Green)
  • Steering progress on charter of a Fundraising Working Group (Richard Green)
  • Marketing Working Group status re. feedback for the Samvera FAQ (Chris Awre)
  • Plans for Virtual Connect around March/April 2019 (Ryan Steans and Chrissy Rissmeyer) 
  • Plans for Spring Partner meeting (Jon Dunn, Rosy Metz, Carolyn Caizzi)
    • April 15-16 (Mon-Tue) – IUPUI University Library, Indianapolis
    • April 18-19 (Thu-Fri) – IUPUI University Library, Indianapolis
    • April 29-30 (Mon-Tue) – IUPUI University Library, Indianapolis
    • April 29-30 (Mon-Tue) – Emory Libraries, Atlanta
  • Hyrax Development - Resources Request and Roadmap (Steve Van Tuyl and Tom Johnson) -  requested by December 7
  • Hyrax-Valkyrie integration - survey, scope, support (Steve Van Tuyl)
  • Rationalization of wiki landing page - specifically moving WG/IG list to a sub-page (Richard Green)
  • Samvera & Hyrax Implementations page on Wiki (Nabeela Jaffer)
  • A.O.B.
  • Facilitator and Notetaker for December 14 meeting


  • ....
  • December 14 meeting:
    • Facilitator:  Nabeela Jaffer
    • Notetaker: Franny Gaede
  • Steering Update - progress on vote on ByLaws (Richard) 
    • 2 votes are put together into one ballot
    • Bylaws - Adopting the lot of Bylaws on block
    • Ratify the Roadmap Council Charter
    • Start vote on November 20th - close it on December 11  - Wiki Page has links to the ballot
  • Contributions WG - Rosalyn is putting together a follow up group 
  • Fundraising WG - charter - if other people want to join, they are welcome.  We currently have 5-6.  See Samvera Fundraising Working Group
    • looking for "a good sized group" we'll worry about too big of a group when that's a problem 
    • There is a timeline for deliverables
    • Ryan will add here the Wiki page: Samvera Fundraising Working Group
  • Marketing WG - Chris Awre - 
    • Feedback received - if folks have feedback they'd like to provide, we can receive that
    • CA will be picking up again - will be looking for additional members to Marketing 
  • Virtual Connect - Ryan will add notes here
    • Working on recruiting - please see emails
    • Looking to split into two tracks
    • Looking at mid-April
  • Spring partner Meeting -
    • Usually at Stanford typically in March with LCDX.  This year moving the meeting to Indiana (see dates and places above) - would be IUPUI - or late April in Atlanta
    • Hotel rates will be in $120-150 in Indianapolis, low $200's in Emory
    • Ensure good Videoconference capability for remote participation
    • Please let Jon know if that's going to work
  • Steve - Hyrax Roadmap and plan
    • resourcing ask is out - linked above - messages to the Google Groups and from SIGAHR website on Wiki
    • Hoping to get responses by Dec. 7th.  
    • Will piece together dev teams as much as possible from what we get back.  
    • If people are already working on something similar - they should let SIGAHR know so that things get aligned
  • Hyrax-Valkyrie Integration 
    • meeting at Connect - determined who is currently using Hyrax and who is developing on Hyrax - how does Valkyrie reflect on that
    • Survey out to Community - 10 minutes/ 20 questions
    • Folks planning Hyrax survey - what Valkyrie looks like impacts upgrades, etc... make sure you fill out survey so that people will have their needs met.  Make sure voices are heard.  Respond by Nov. 23rd.  
    • Resourcing will be planned based on survey.
  • Rationalization of Wiki Landing Page - the page is getting huge (Richard)
    • Email to partner list - object WG's moving to new page
    • Make sure if we move WG's and IG's we highlight - a short paragraph of explanation?  
    • Richard will do the work and then show folks and if people don't like, we'll revert
  • Samvera and Hyrax Implementations Page - (Nabeela)
    • One page for Hyrax and one for Samvera - Repo Managers group - put use case studies on the page with description of gems and components used
    • Who is working on these pages?  Can we consolidate these pages?
    • Richard is in support
    • any help Nabeela can get - people should help
  • For