2021-07-09 Partner Call


Samvera Partners Call

Friday, July 9th, 2021

11:30 am  |  Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-05:00)  |  1 hr

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Code of Conduct

We want Samvera Community to be a fun, informative, engaging event for all our partners and participants.

  1. We encourage everyone to apply the Samvera community principles of openness, inquiry, and respect in their interactions at the event.

  2. Please review the Anti-Harassment Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to community helpers

Facilitator: @Heather Greer Klein

Note Taker: @Rosalyn Metz


@Heather Greer Klein

@Rosalyn Metz

@jen young

@Esmé Cowles

Wind Cowles (Princeton)
Matt Chandler (Princeton)

Rishi Joshi (Princeton)

@Juliet Hardesty

@Jeremy Friesen

@Robin Lindley Ruggaber

@Jim Halliday

@Nora Zimmerman

@Nabeela Jaffer

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@John Weise

@Sherry Lake

@Alicia M. Morris

@Daniel Coughlin

@Chris Awre

@Brian McBride

@Harriett Green

@Moira Downey (Deactivated)

@Stuart Kenny

Agenda & Notes

  1. Any other items for the agenda?  

  2. Demo of Duke Research Data Repository (w/Globus integration) - Moira Downey & David Chandek-Stark

    1. See recording https://youtu.be/hRE4WL1Pipg

    2. A brief background on the needs for the repository and the results of identifying those needs. Discussion about the infrastructure of the various repositories that exist at Duke and why this repository is separate from the larger repository.

    3. What did they customize

      1. curatorial review process and homegrown deposit process (only curators can deposit). they felt it was best to do much of the normalization prior to deposit.

      2. csv batch uploader

      3. metadata changes are a request to the team and the curatorial team make it.

      4. tweaked the search results and the display to better match their needs

      5. doi assignment is done by the curators

      6. data set versioning, which is different than file versions. each new version of the dataset is reingested and they use DC replaced by and replaces to point the different versions to one another.

      7. use globus for submission and data dissemination for anything larger than 10GB (can use it if its lower if you already have it set up)

    4. You can find the repo at research.repository.duke.edu

      1. a walk through of the repository workflow

      2. for depositors that are regular depositors, they will reach out and ask if the depositor likes to group content together in a collection

    5. Questions

      1. Globus usage

      2. DOI for each new version of a data set

      3. Versioning and saving the same files twice

      4. Sharing and customizing the code base https://gitlab.oit.duke.edu/ddr/rdr

        1. Which version of Hyrax? started with 2.6 and now at 2.9

  3. Roadmap Alignment Group presentation and discussion: Hyrax Alignment Efforts

    1. See slides

    2. Goals of the groups current work

    3. Hyrax use by Partners

      1. 62.5% of partners use Hyrax

      2. 37.5% of partners contribute to Hyrax code

    4. Trends in features completed

      1. Globus

      2. Batch Ingest

      3. DOI

      4. Permissions

      5. Bulkrax

      6. Bulk Export

      7. UI/UX

      8. Metadata

      9. Data model

      10. OCR

      11. Rest API

      12. IIIF

      13. Tombstone

      14. Workflows

    5. Planned institutional development

      1. cross-institutional and hyrax po/tech lead collaboration

      2. code reclamation

      3. add directly to hyrax or as a gem

    6. Next Steps

      1. repository contacts list

      2. will make it easier to find out more about repositories

      3. link sent to partners list today to gather those names

    7. Roadmap Alignment Group

      1. quarterly updates

      2. develop cross-technology collaboration, coordination, and code reclamation

    8. Questions/Comments

      1. infrastructure collaboration would be another thing to consider

  4. Updates:

    1. Partner call demo or sharing/discussion slots still available for September- December – sign up here

    2. Save the dates:

      1. Samvera Connect On-line 2021: October 14-15 (workshops) October 18-21 (sessions)

      2. Fall Partners Meeting: October 12-13

    3. Connect 2021

      1. Request for more committee members – meeting 12 ET every other Thursday July 22 - Sept 16

        1. if you’re interested in participating reach out to Heather

      2. Request for t-shirt designs

        1. Lynn has retired from t-shirt designing. anyone have any design ideas?

      3. Looking for a keynote speaker for October 18th

        1. Someone outside the Community, but with a connection to a Partner or adopter

        2. Can speak to their research, or on a broader topic of interest to the Community

        3. Any ideas? Reach out to the committee!

      4. For any of the above email connect2021pc@samvera.org

    4. Board elections

      1. Harriett Green and Jeremy Friesen stepping up

      2. John Weise and Kevin Kochansky stepping down

      3. Rosalyn Metz continues

    5. Update on Safety WG

      1. by the end of this month expect to see more details about our new response team structure

    6. Fedora 6 released this week

      1. see this breakdown from Esmé https://samvera.slack.com/archives/C0F4P3FFF/p1625831932009900

    7. Summer Developers Conference starts Monday!

      1. sign up!

    8. Q&A Sessions start July 21

  5. Anything for the Samvera Board? (Standing item)

  6. Date of next call: August 13th, with Avalon IIIF Player demo

  7. Notetaker for next call: 

    1. Nabeela!