2023-02-10 Partner Call




Samvera Partners Call

Friday, February 10th, 2023

11:30 am  |  Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-05:00)  |  1 hr

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Code of Conduct

We want Samvera Community to be a fun, informative, engaging event for all our partners and participants.

  1. We encourage everyone to apply the Samvera community principles of openness, inquiry, and respect in their interactions at the event.

  2. Please review the Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to community helpers

Facilitator: @Heather Greer Klein

Note Taker: @Esmé Cowles


  • @Jim Halliday

  • @Robin Lindley Ruggaber

  • @Jeremy Friesen

  • @Alicia M. Morris

  • @Carolyn Caizzi

  • @david.schober

  • @Rosalyn Metz

  • @Karen Cariani

  • @Stuart Kenny

  • @Nora Zimmerman

  • @Kirsten Leonard

Agenda & Notes

  1. Any other items for the agenda? 

  2. Spring Partner Meeting agenda review

    1. RSVP open - please RSVP by 2/24

      1. Trying to get a head count for people who are attending in person (2 people per institution should be fine)

      2. Also fine sign up for virtual participation

    2. Preliminary agenda review and discussion

      1. Rosy and Jeremy have been working on the agenda, which includes updates, community technology reimbursement model, 2023 goals, list of dreams, and how to encourage more code contributions.

      2. Agenda is still developing — feel free to add new items, but please include a goal of the discussion to make the conversation productive.

  3. Proposed Working and Interest Groups in need of members

    1. Cloud Deployment WG – needs a facilitator; Heather will support logistics

      1. Developing a reference architecture for deployment in AWS, want to engage with this so they don’t do it without us

      2. How is this related to work to host Nurax with community resources?

        1. Maybe existing model from SoftServ should inform this?

        2. We should make sure that Nurax continues to serve as a model for the intended audience, not overcomplicating things and paying attention to Fedora deployment patterns.

        3. Different partners have done different things (and some partners have even done different things with separate apps)

        4. The complexity here is a good reason to have Nurax work narrowly focused on getting that done soon, and this WG can take longer to reach consensus

      3. Multiple AWS reps have been contacting different people

    2. OAI Working Group forming via Metadata Interest Group - more information coming soon.

    3. Working group to explore community leadership sustainability (@Kirsten Leonard )

      1. Want to look at what we’re asking of contributors and leaders in the community, what is centrally-funded, what is sustainable

      2. Lots of communities are grappling with this

    4. End User Documentation Working Group (@Jessica Hilt )

      1. There’s a Slack channel (#end-user-docs) and Jessica will be sending out an email asking for volunteers

      2. Want to make something easy for people to customize locally

    5. Full list of proposed groups now in their own section on the wiki; watch for calls for participation on the community list

  4. Other Updates:

    1. Samvera Board Vice Chair

      1. Jessica volunteered

    2. Samvera breakout session at Code4Lib - more information soon

    3. Sign up for a demo starting with April Partner call

      1. The schedule is open for demos, feel free to show work-in-progress

    4. Form for motto suggestions

      1. Feel free to drop ideas in that form

    5. Still looking for a PO for questioning_authority

      1. Lots of folks have stepped up to take on gems without POs, but questioning_authority still needs one

    6. Samvera Virtual Connect 2023 Planning Committee – first meeting Monday 3-4pm ET

      1. Good group forming, but room for a couple more people if you’re interested

      2. Expect a call out soon

    7. Maintenance Pledge – 1,591 hours pledged from three Partner institutions

      1. Would really like to see more partners pledge

    8. Samvera Connect 2023 update

      1. Looking at week of October 23rd in Philly (Old Town)

      2. Rough schedule would be workshops/hackathon on Monday, main conference on Tue and Wed AM, then partner meeting on Wed PM.

Anything for the Samvera Board? (Standing item)

Date of next call: March 2023 Partner Meeting at Northwestern University