Spring 2023 Partner Meeting




March 21st


Led by

March 21st


Led by

12:30 - 1:00pm

Coffee, water, and snacks available (popcorn, cookies)



1:00 - 1:10pm

Welcome from Xuemao Wang, Northwestern Dean of Libraries. Introductions, note taking, agenda, general announcements

@Esmé Cowles


1:10 - 1:50pm

General updates

  • Connect and Virtual Connect updates (Heather - 10 minutes perhaps less)

    • GOAL: To inform the community of the Board’s plans for Virtual Connect and Connect 2023

  • Cloud reference architecture WG update (Rob - 15 minutes)

    • GOAL: To inform the community of the purpose and work of the working group. Discuss concerns the working group has identified, and help identify solutions.

  • Developer Congress Update (Daniel - 15 minutes)

    • GOAL: Inform the community about the work accomplished during the Dev Congress. Discuss any themes or issues that arose, and help identify solutions.

@Heather Greer Klein

@Robin Ruggaber plus others

1:50 - 2:50pm

Code Contributions to Hyrax Code (Jim H - 60 minutes)

  • Problem Statement: The numbers of folks actually writing code is dwindling, and we should talk about how to improve that, both among devs, but also among managements who allot developer time.

  • GOAL: Identify strategies, or narrow focus working group, for improving contributions to Samvera’s code base

@Jim Halliday

@Kirsten Leonard plus others

2:50 - 3:00pm




3:00 - 4:00pm

How to Support Sustainable Community Development Work (Kirsten Leonard - 60 minutes)

  • GOAL: Outline the work that needs to get done in the community, and how we best support volunteers to do that work; provide discussion and ideas to lay the groundwork for the working group.

  • Present Samvera Community Participation Sustainability Working Group Charter: identify potential strategies that will make participation viable and attractive to volunteers and their organizations.

  • Quick review of our current structures for volunteer leadership that sustains the work of creating and maintaining Samvera-supported software (technical leads, product managers, maintenance working groups, bootcamp trainers, etc.)

  • What can we, as Partners and as a Community, do to make sure these roles are sustainably and consistently filled and that these contributors are supported, recognized for their work, and can step away knowing someone else will be available to fill the role?

  • We’re reimbursing Indiana University for a portion of Daniel’s time as the Hyrax Tech Lead. What else could we do differently to attract contributors to this and other roles that require a significant, time-limited investment? Do we need to build on or change our structures, or our incentives? How else can we make these roles attractive and sustainable?

@Kirsten Leonard

@Jeremy Friesen

4 - 4:15pm




4:15 - 4:50pm

Samvera Motto Activity

  • GOAL: an informal activity to generate keywords and ideas to help inform the Outreach & Engagement Group’s work of selecting a new Samvera motto

@Heather Greer Klein


4:50 - 5:00pm

wrap up



March 22nd


Led by


March 22nd


Led by


8:30 - 9:00 AM

Coffee, water, and snacks available (bagels, muffins)



9:00 - 9:05 am

Note taking, agenda review

@Esmé Cowles


9:05 - 9:45 am

Accessibility documentation for community projects

  • There is a need for formal, published documentation for potential adopters who need VPATs and/or ACRs for tools they use to satisfy institutional or policy requirements. Have other Partners encountered this request? How can we support this need?



@Benjamin Armintor

@Esmé Cowles

9:45 - 10:45 am

  • Open discussion about consulting / contracting / vendors and the Samvera space. (Heather - 60 minutes)

    • We’ve previously identified that having multiple vendors is indicative of a healthy state of the community. We’ll hear from Partner service providers about the state of their work in the Community, and discuss any next steps in response to any barriers and challenges to their work.

    • GOAL: Develop an understanding of current realities regarding Samvera service providers.

@Heather Greer Klein


10:45 - 11:00 am

  • 2023 stakeholder engagement goals next steps (Heather)

    • GOAL: Share progress on the goals so far and work to be done throughout the year

  • List of Dreams investigations (Heather)

    • GOAL: Review the list of dreams activities and current plans for further investigation. Gather feedback on potential related activities.

@Heather Greer Klein


11:00 - 11:10 AM




11:10 - 12:00 PM

Open discussion time

  • Time to further discuss previous agenda items, new topics that came up during the course of the meeting, or newly proposed topics from Partners.

@Heather Greer Klein

@Heather Greer Klein

Attendees (In Person)

@Kirsten Leonard

@Daniel Pierce

@Chrissy Rissmeyer (she/her)

@Harriett Green

@Glen Horton

@Jessica Hilt

@tamsin johnson

@Tim Marconi

@Esmé Cowles

@Jeremy Friesen

@Alicia M. Morris

@Chris Colvard

@Rob Kaufman

@Jim Halliday

@Carolyn Caizzi

@Robin Lindley Ruggaber

Attendees (Virtual)

@Hannah Frost for parts, not the whole!

@Nicholas Mark Homenda

@Rebekah Kati

@Stuart Kenny

@Benjamin Armintor

@Chris Awre

@Julia Simic

@Emily Lynema

@Brian McBride

@Karen Cariani

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