Committers Call 2011-07-11


Matt Zumwalt (moderator)
Bess Sadler
Edwin Shin (notetaker)
Joe Gilbert
Justin Coyne
Adam Wead
Molly Pickral
Rick Johnson
Bill Parod
Julie Meloni


Hydra Community call vs. Hydra Committers Call - Matt
Rails3 - Matt
Plugin Architecture(s)
hydra-head vs Hydra::Head vs. HydraHead vs. hydra_head ... - Matt
JavaScriptless Form Handling - Eddie


Hydra Community vs. Committers Call

Re-focus on the work that is being done this week on the core plugins (e.g. OM, solrizer, ActiveFedora, hydra_head, etc.). For other discussions, encourage moving that to the hydra-tech mailing list. However, still allow for 5 mins of Community Announcements.


Upgrade Rails2 plugin code to be Rails3-compliant
Pre-release (alpha?) planned for next week.


  • Merging in the UI work (Jessie, Naomi, Joe)
  • Documentation
  • Switching to single core Solr (hydra-jetty) (Bess)
    • Use of environment over RAILS_ENV
          if defined?(Rails.env)
            @config_env = Rails.env
          elsif defined?(ENV['environment'])
            @config_env = ENV['environment']
            @config_env = 'development'
            logger.warn("No environment setting found: Using the default development environment.")

Naming of Hydra Head

hydra-head vs Hydra::Head vs. HydraHead vs. hydra_head
ACTION: Matt will query the hydra-tech list

JavaScriptless Form Handling

Best practices for form handling (e.g. adding multiple authors)
See attachment:

Plugin Architecture(s)

Different projects are developing different bits of functionality for which there is the desire to enable sharing, re-use and collaboration (e.g. UI widgets, content-type handling, themes etc. etc.), but what exactly are we aiming for, how far do we want to go?

Next Week

If you have a topic for next week's committers' call, make sure it's reflected in some way in the weekly sprint in Jira.

Next week's notetaker: Bess