Committers Call 2012-07-23


  • Moderator: Chris Beer (Stanford)
  • Notetaker: Adam Wead (Rockhall)
  • Jeremy Frissen (ND)
  • Justin Coyne (mediashelf)
  • Matt "Flying" Zumwalt (mediashelf)
  • Naomi Dushay (Stanford)
  • Dan Brubaker-Horst (ND)
  • Mike "It-don't-stink" Giarlo (Penn State)
  • Dan Coughlin (Penn State)
  • Jessie "What-the-heck" Keck
  • Ben Armintor (Columbia)
  • Mike Stroming (NWU)
  • Michael Klein (Stanford --> NWU)
  • Chris Colvard (IU)


  1. Call for Agenda items
  2. Next call
  • Justin (moderate)
  • Simon (notes)
  1. OR 2012 recap
    • HydraCamp slots sold-out in hours... issues with large attendance
    • Lots of interest in Hydra
    1. Hydra tutorial application
  1. Github Wiki gardening.
    1. fixing github wikis to reflect new tutorial by cbeer
    2. Can/should we convert to markdown?
      • consensus is whoever is writing the tutorial can choose
  2. Rubydora 0.5.11 was released last week
    • bug fixes
  3. Active Fedora released 4.4.1
    • minor bug fixes
  4. Hydra 5.0
    • everything is moved out gems now
    • no feature tests running at this point... should we?
    1. What should hydra-file-access do?
      • Justin: Moved to its own gem, but need to take a look at see what we want to keep
      • Deprecate #apply_depositor_metdata
    2. What do we need out of the box?
      • Chris: Tutorial app can tell us what needs to be carried over
    3. Does the new tutorial run on hydra 5.0?
      • Guess we'll find out...
      • Chris: feature can move to tutorial app
  1. Recent emails to the list ; topics raised in IRC
    1. Penn State's branch of hydra-ldap, will this work? (dan coughlin)
      • Penn State has a branch published, need to make sure it's pullable into HH as gem; should be configurable/extendable for other institutions
      • Justin will evaluate the pull requests
      • Chris: should be under Jenkins
    2. Penn State's updated hydra-jetty -- what should we do to make this pullable? (Mike Giarlo)
      • MAttZ: major version change
      • HH 5.0 dependent, call this HH-Jetty version 5
      • uses 3.5 version of solr and Fedora
      • Matt and Justing will co-ordinate
      • solr.conf files will need to be updated
      • you'll need to updated your submodule
  2. very near term work
    • Justin: Tell everyone you need Ruby 1.9.3
    • Jeremy will draft email to the list
  3. Jira
    1. Unassigned Version tickets no more – let's assign versions to 5 of them this call:
    2. Jira Weekly Round up from Sprint for July 23 (today):