Committers Call 2012-07-30


  • Moderator: Matt Zumwalt (MediaShelf)
  • Notetaker: Simon Lamb (Hull)
  • Ben Armintor (Columbia)
  • Adam Wead (Rock Hall)
  • Mike Giarlo (Penn State)
  • Dan Coughlin (Penn State)
  • Mike Stroming (Northwestern)
  • Chris Colvard (Indiana University)
  • Chris Beer (Stanford)


  1. Call for Agenda items
  2. Next call
    1. Date: June 6 2012
    2. Moderator: Chris Beer
    3. Notetaker: Simon Lamb
  3. hydra-ldap gem (Dan C.)
    1. Aiming to merge new developments into core hydra-ldap, changes include:-
      1. Improved testing, now includes a local 'test ldap' server that spins up for tests
    2. Penn state will Document changes to help community (including current users Northwestern)
    3. Mike S: Will test updates for use at Northwestern 
    4. Matt: Regarding semantic versioning 0.* changes can be backward incompatible (perhaps consider 0.* release?)
  4. Recent emails to the list ; topics raised in IRC
    1. Active-Fedora - has_file_datastream doesn't support the versionable attribute on a datastream
      1. Ben has suggested a fix to support versionable attribute on a datastream:-
        1. **
        2. Matt/committers: No issue with the change suggested 
    2. jettywrapper release (Dan C)
      1. The new version of JettyWrapper doesn't work with current JRuby version (1.6.5) on 'blacklight-jenkins'.  Chris B is currently in the process of updating blacklight-jenkins to JRuby 1.6.6
    3. ActiveFedora release (Mike G.)
      1. Three commits to ActiveFedora since the last version update. Latest commit warrant a minor release (4.5.0)? 
        1. Group happy to go with a new minor release of AF
    4. solrizer release (Matt Z)
      1. Matt: Mike at Tufts making minor change to Shell script (Delete method previously being called incorrectly) 
  5. International Dev Network
    1. Matt: This year and particularly since OR2012 there's been a large amount of interest in Hydra from Europe and Australia.
      1. Presently Hydra-committers is very localised and close community (developers mostly based in the US)
      2. Need to think about how we can open up to international hydra committers (in wide reaching timezones)
        1. hydra_international? 
        2. Possibility of Hydra Camp within Europe and Australia  
  6. very near term work
  7. Jira
    1. Unassigned Version tickets no more – let's assign versions to 5 of them this call:
    2. Jira Weekly Round up from Sprint for July 30 (today):