Committers Call 2011-04-11


Garrick Van Buren
Rick Johnson
Julie Meloni
Mark Matienzo
John Scofield
Edwin Shin
Matt Zumwalt
Bess Sadler
Chris Fitzpatrick


Update on Javascript stripping


Testing Gem & Hudson/Jenkins

UI - HTML Conventions

Libra merge


Javascriptless UI

Hydrus Version:

Progressive Enhancement Groundwork

Testing Gem

Testing Gem

Need: In order for Hudson to work correctly, we need to wrap starting jetty into the rake task that runs the tests.

Testing server is based on Blacklight's version of that class but was modified. Bess has patched it to do what we need and created a gem based on it.

When you're setting something up on Hudson, use this gem.

UI/HTML Conventions

This pertains to a discussion on the hydra-ui list:

As with javascript, we will wait to see the Libra production code & consider using the conventions that emerge there.

W3C Validity

  • Bess is looking into Cucumber tests for this

Suggestion: Everyone should read up on semantic HTML & Unobtrusive JS

  • Julie will send out sections from her book

Libra Merge

Make distinction between Libra Pilot code & Libra Production code:

The Pilot code, which has been absorbed into Hydrangea, was written by MediaShelf in a very short sprint where the priority was to create something that looked polished and had relatively complete Faculty Self-submission functionality. While the pilot did achieve that goal and does look polished, there are many things in the code that need to be cleaned up. This is to be expected from a pilot code base that's written quickly with a fundamental priority of getting something out there and meeting a tight deadline.

Starting from that Pilot code base, the developers at UVa have spent substantial effort cleaning up that code and cleaning up pre-existing stuff from the Hydrangea code base. Their work has focused especially on creating stable, consistent, accessible HTML and efficient, maintainable Javascript. This Production version of the Libra code base is still in progress and has not yet been absorbed into Hydrangea.

We have run into some issues in recent weeks as a result of absorbing the Pilot version of the Libra code. Matt suggests that he was premature in merging it back to Hydrangea and that he underestimated the problems it would present vs. the improvements. The Libra Production code will contain fixes for these problems as well as other very desirable improvements to the view templates & javascript.

In the meantime, the Hydrus team is focusing on addressing the more fundamental issue of laying the groundwork for Progressive Enhancement (see notes above about javascriptless UI). This should complement the Libra Production work very well.

Hydra Roadmap

The Hydra Overview Dashboard and Hydra Contributor's Dashboard give a nice view of work that's going on in Hydra heads. They also call attention to the fact that we need to clean up the Roadmap of the core "Hydra" project.

Matt will look into this.
Bess suggested that we should also aim to have a very high level roadmap for potential adopters. Julie reported that the Hydra Website will contain this.

Announcement: Notre Dame Digital Video Head

Notre Dame is starting a new Digital Video head

Starting end of this week

  • 4-week sprint
  • Focusing on PBCore metadata
  • not focusing on media players in this sprint (using redirect URLs)

Speeches, Speakers, basic Video Metadata

Next week:

  • Moderator: Eddie
  • Notetaker: Bess