Committers Call 2011-05-16


  • Naomi Dushay
  • Rick Johnson
  • Simon Lamb
  • Julie Meloni (notetaker)
  • Molly Pickral
  • Bess Sadler
  • John Scofield
  • Eddie Shin
  • Matt Zumwalt (moderator)


  • infoshare on creating fedora:fixtures rake tasks
  • update on hydra-head plugin

Action Items

  • Matt to move hydra:fixtures to AF:fixtures
  • Matt to find a time for those interested in Rails3 work to talk with Blacklight committers
  • Naomi and Jessie will be working to get cucumber tests to pass for hydra-head
  • Julie follow up with Jessie about insights from Blacklight re: views

Next Week

  • Moderator: Matt Zumwalt
  • Notetaker: ??


Matt first discussed the move of Fedora/ActiveFedora-specific fixtures from hydra:fixtures to fedora:fixtures (or something similar). Naomi suggested the namespace be activefedora or AF for clear delineation (and the shorter name for less typing). Rick seconded this suggestion; no objections raised. Matt to move the fixtures and rename to AF.

Naomi indicated that there is a Hudson build of the hydra-head plugin that executes specs but still (like all hydra-related items in Hudson at the moment) fails with the same possible libxml issues as discussed in last week's call. Bess asked the clarifying question: are the tests deemed stable because they run consistently on local machines, but not on Hudson (because of issues with AF, libxml, etc?) to which Naomi responded in the affirmative.

Naomi also indicated that some of the hydra-head spec failures were basic markup code failures in one of the views. Noted that she and Jessie had a discussion about current development with views in Blacklight. Given imminent discussion between Stanford and UVa (& then some UVa work with JavaScript) on these views, Julie took an action item to get a braindump from Jessie on this issue.

After the agenda items, the following was also discussed/reported on:

  • Eddie asked if we could have a stable place for generated docs: perhaps (e.g. /activefedora, /solrizer, etc)
  • Rick (Notre Dame) gave an update on their Hydra head rollout (imminent!). Discussed some changes that were made to the file upload functionality, and whether that could/should be put into the old Hydrangea plugin (no) or look to add it to the new hydra-head plugin (yes)
  • John (re: work on HyHull) also talked about work on the file asset controller for use without JavaScript, rolled some functionality into Hydrus because hydra-head was not stable enough yet.
  • Naomi noted that emails from Hudson come from Bess's gmail account; discussion about config changes and need for an account to be able to authenticate for SMTP. Was decided to use