Committers Call 2012-01-09


  • Matt Zumwalt - moderator
  • Justin Coyne - notetaker
  • Chris Colvard 
  • Adam Wead
  • Rick Johnson 
  • Jesse Keck
  • Michael Klein
  • Simon Lamb
  • Mike Stroming
  • Naomi Dushay

Agenda and Notes

  1. Call for agenda items
    1. Naomi expects there are many she didn't glean from skimming the 84 email topics since our last meeting.
  2. Next call: Jan 23rd (due to MLK holiday)  (moderator: Justin , notetaker: Adam Wead, jira-wrangler: ?)
  3. New Active Fedora release manager (Rick's email of Jan 4)  - Justin will take this for Winter 2012
  4. Logging IRC ... where are we? Michael will follow up on this.
  5. JIRA foo: can new tickets be automatically assigned to "newly added" or something else we bang through during the committers' call? 
    1. we'll implement the fedora flow so non-contributors can add tickets to a queue for review.
  6. Hydra::Image - can it go away?  - Deprecate in 3.2.0 remove in 4.0.0
  7. Solrizer
    1. single valued fields (Matt Z's email of Dec 19 to hydra-tech)  -- Ticket made, but not moving forward on this.
    2. Active-Model (Dec 20 email thread) -- interesting idea, but may be too revolutionary a change.  Rick may implement this as a plugin.
  8. ActiveFedora & HydraHead 3.2.0 release
    1. Will be released this week.
  9. Lucid-Imagination-ish search of all hydra pieces, per suggestion from Chris Beer (out of band conversation)  -- Everyone thinks this is a good idea.  Chris Beer may be creating a custom search engine for this.  Naomi will ask Chris to continue with this.   
  10. Matt will have office hours wednesday 1 to 4
  11. Jira Weekly Round up from Sprint for Jan 9 (today):
  12. JIRA grooming
  13. Matt will get Naomi as a Jira Admin and Naomi will work on workflow.
  14. Component leads are responsible for tagging hot-plate tickets 
  15. Hot Plate tickets:
  1. #* #**