Committers Call 2011-03-07


Bess Sadler
John Scofield
Eddie Shin
Garrick Van Buren
Chris Fitzpatrick
Simon Lamb
Matt Zumwalt
Rick Johnson
Molly Pickral


  • Fedora 3.4 Upgrade ... does Adam need commit permissions?
  • HYDRA-371: OM attributes support value of :none ... (included in om-1.1.0)
  • HYDRA-373: Backwards-incompatible API Changes in solrizer-1.0.0, solrizer-fedora-1.0.0, active-fedora-2.0.0 and hydrangea/master
  • HYDRA-382: Replace Hydrangea with un-branded version of UVa Libra (also HYPAT-16)
    • Cucumber tests overridden in libra
  • Callback methods in Controllers – including Blacklight CatalogController
  • HYPAT-17: Rails3 Upgrade