Committers Call 2012-03-05


  • Moderator: Jessie Keck (Stanford)
  • Notetaker: Mike Stroming (Northwestern)
  • Neptune (Trident U)
  • Rick Johnson (Notre Dame)
  • Naomi Dushay (Stanford)
  • Dan Brubaker Horst (Notre Dame)
  • Michael Klein (Stanford)
  • Justin Coyne (Media Shelf)
  • Chris Colvard (Indiana)

Agenda and Notes

(Original agenda in plain text; call notes in bold.)

  1. Call for agenda items

          Justin: Discuss state of Active-Fedora 4 and hydra-head 4

               released release candidate for Active-Fedora 4

         Justin: Mike Giarlo is close to finishing indexing on RDF datasatreams

         Justin: hydra-head 4, coming along well, needs to get to CI, Blacklight release needed, not sure if model reorganizing will get done before LibDevConX

        Jessie is the release manager, looking for ways to help speed up the release

        Justin created a new find_document method (loads instance, finds model out of instance, casts to that model).  Any suggestions for better name?

        Naomi: document is more of solr unit, object is more of a Fedora unit.  get_modeled_object?

        Justin:  What if we just make the find method do this?

        Action item: Change the method name to "find"

  1. Next call: (when: March 12th, same time moderator: Justin , notetaker: Michael Klein)
  2. Hydra-Head release to dos

          Need a new Blacklight release

          Need Continuous Integration setup

          Modeling conversation

  1. LibDevConX list
    1. reorganize Hydra-Head models
    2. Load from Solr branch (vs. load from Fedora??)

          Naomi:  We need to keep a list of Hydra things to be discussed at LibDevConX

         Naomi: Talking to solr is quick, talking to Fedora is slow, multiple requests usually needed to get needed info from Fedora
         Justin: Eddie is aware of this issue
         A save call in Hydra is expensive
         If someone could could build this, Active-Fedora could do an incremental solr update (currently rebuilds the solr doc from scratch instead of just using deltas)
        Michael: When workarounds are created, not all the institutions hear about the workaround.  If Fedora API can be changed, everybody wins.
        Justin:  Will submit a ticket
        Mike S.: add this to LibDevConx agenda

  1. other very near term work?
  2. (Reminder: ) Lots of action items from last week ... Committers+Call+2012-02-27
    1. we should have made jira tasks for some of these, maybe?
    2. Simon - add Hull info to Hylandora page, update ActiveFedora wiki w/ disseminator work
    3. Matt - remove duplicate documentation from yard docs
    1. Justin/Jessie - something about CI build for hydra-head 4

Justin and Jessie will talk

  1. JIRA:
    1. Unassigned Version tickets no more – let's assign versions to 5 of them this call:

HYDRA-751 - Think Joe is going to work on this
HYDRA-750 - Michael and Justin think it's done
HYDRA-749 - Ben fixed it, assign to this week
HYDRA-172 - Deleted ticket
HYDRA-377 - Talk about this next week

    1. Hot Plate tickets winnowed and componentized?Jessie: Yes
  1. Jira Weekly Round up from Sprint for March 5 (today):

      HYDRA-741: Chris started but not done, move to next week

      HYDRA-714: Naomi, move to next week
      HYDRA-505: Naomi, it will be assigned to Chris Beer