Committers Call 2012-01-30


  • Moderator: Justin Coyne
  • Notetaker: Michael Klein
  • Chris Beer, WGBH
  • Dan Brubaker-Horst, Notre Dame
  • Chris Colvard, Indiana University
  • Justin Coyne, Mediashelf
  • Naomi Dushay, Stanford
  • Jessie Keck, Stanford
  • Simon Lamb, U. of Hull
  • Mike Stroming, Northwestern
  • Adam Wead, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
  • Matt Zumwalt, Mediashelf

Agenda and Notes

(Original agenda in plain text; call notes in bold.)

  1. Call for agenda items
  2. Next call: (when? moderator: ? , notetaker: ?)
    1. Feb.13. Moderator: Michael Klein; Notetaker: Simon Lamb
  3. service_definitions.rb - Support for models that support multiple contentModel declarations?  (Simon Lamb)
    1. Simon found a quick fix: Mix in the ServiceDefinitions module
    2. Looking into #lookup_method in service_definitions.rb that inspects the Fedora sdefs on the object
    3. Actions: Simon will update documentation to better explain how to use ServiceDefinitions in ActiveFedora (and/or Hydra) models
  4. RVM ree upgrade issues (Michael Klein)
    1. ruby-1.8.7-p357 and ree-1.8.7-2011.12 change the hashing algorithm, which breaks some instances of #each, #each_pair, and other block methods where hash order is important.
    2. Michael K has fixed the failures in OM; will merge into master this week. 
    3. Justin will look at fixing ActiveFedora.
  5. OM outside of Hydra (Naomi)
    1. Is it worth promoting the use of OM outside the context of ActiveFedora::NokogiriDatastream?
    2. If so, it implies two tasks:
      1. Better document existing OM to support its use
      2. Add convenience methods where needed to make OM as easy as ActiveFedora
      3. Better define the seams between OM terminology solr parameters and Solrizer
  6. ActiveFedora 3.3.0 release
    1. datastream version history
    2. Checksum verification
    3. RDF datastreams
    4. Locked to activesupport 3.0.x
      1. Actual issue: activesupport needs to be (>= 3.0 && <= 3.2), but gemspec doesn't give a way to specify that.
      2. Matt and Justin will work on that.
  7. File asset work contributed by Penn State
    1. and instead of file_asset.rb and file_assets_controller.rb
  8. JIRA:
    1. "newly added" version / "received" status / fedora workflow - Naomi
    2. "common infrastructure" component - can/should this be split up? how do we make documentation tasks tractable?
      1. Matt created it as a catch-all to allow for everything to be assigned to a component, but isn't committed to its continued existence
      2. Naomi: keep it in common infrastructure and split it up later if an item "drifts" toward a particular component?
    3. Unassigned Version tickets no more – let's assign versions to 5 of them this call:
    4. Hot Plate tickets winnowed and componentized?
  9. Jira Weekly Round up from Sprint for Jan 30 (today):