Committers Call 2011-09-19


  • Rick Johnson (notetaker)
  • Naomi Dushay
  • Julie Meloni
  • Matt Zumwalt 
  • Jesse Keck
  • Justin Coyne
  • Molly Pickral
  • Mike Stroming
  • Simon Lamb



  • Merge of Master to Rails 3: Matt started working on merging changes from master into the rails 3 branch. HTML escaping in Rails 3.  Matt will try to look at what cucumber tests are still failing, then tomorrow have Jesse and Joe take a look at what is left.  Matt also rearranged the routing of file assets and how they reference the assets that they are in.  Here is branch that Matt is working on:
  • Naomi questions on rake tasks: 
    • Naomi: In Hypatia ran into some issues running in batch mode requires separate call to Solrizer.  Then, when started doing more data loading, if loading a fixture it will solrize automatically, but if not loading a fixture it will not solrize something automatically.  
    • Naomi sent email to list suggesting we have load and refresh tasks separate from the fixture load tasks.  
    • Justin: Concerned about the namespacing on the tasks.  There are same needs in ActiveFedora context as well, but AF should not be dependent on hydra, so maybe put in ActiveFedora instead.  
    • Naomi: simpler namespace for someone creating a Hydra-Head, and for people developing the framework.  
    • Matt:  It was called 'hydra' for namespace instead of 'fedora' because it touches both Fedora and Solr.  
    • Justin:  How about the code lives in ActiveFedora but still use namespace as if it was in Hydra.  
    • Naomi: We are talking about loading non-fixture object.  
    • Justin: What is a non-fixture object?
    • Naomi: We have hoards of objects that are foxml objects that want to batch load, but they are not fixtures. 
    • Matt: Put rake task in 'hypatia' namespace? 
    • Naomi: Yes, that sounds good.  It could be 5000 objects etc, but there could be common assumptions and common utilities that could come out of it. 
    • Justin:  The reason it does not solrize everytime is because some files are not named with their pid, but if it is named with the pid it will solrize.  
    • Matt: So the pid does need to match with the foxml name in order to solrize it.  
    • Justin:  That was the whole motivation driving why there is one behavior to supply pid and supply fixture name.  
    • Naomi: The Hydra import fixture task implies a fixture in spec/fixtures but if you supply a fixture file it will not recognize.  It just needs to be extended to handle the more general case of batch loading.  
    • Justin:  I agree I have wanted to do that as well.  When uploading to Fedora it should use whatever pid is being generated at runtime.  Naomi: Could you pass in argument to ActiveFedora and tell it to go ahead and pass to solr. 
    • Matt:  It is using the Fedora import method with the foxml so kind of tricky since never actually loaded as an ActiveFedora object since going straight to Fedora, so need an additional step to have ActiveFedora load it.  Perhaps have ActiveFedora do the loading instead of talking to Fedora directly. 
    • Justin:  Its agreed that everyone thinks this is a good idea, just working through specifics.  Naomi take a stab at it? 
    • Naomi:  Maybe wait until rail3 changes done and then take a look.  
    • Matt:  There is a fixture loader class so take a look at that and how it works.  At least in the rails 3 branch.  Would you want to use a namespace of 'repo'?  And it would not be strange for it to exist in ActiveFedora?  
    • All: Sounds good.  
    • Naomi: Will create a JIRA ticket for this.
  • JIRA review 8-29-11: Close all Review tickets and move in progress to this week
  • JIRA review 9-12-11:  HYDRA-533, HYDRA-562 moving to next week (9-19-11), everything assigned to Matt move to next week
  • Move all open and in-progress tickets to this week