Committers Call 2011-10-03


  • Rick Johnson (moderator)
  • Bess Sadler (notetaker)
  • Joe Gilbert
  • Julie Meloni
  • Justin
  • Mike Stroming
  • Adam Wead
  • Matt Zumwalt
  • Naomi Dushay
  • Molly Pickral
  • Jessie Keck


  1. Call for agenda items
  2. Next week's moderator, notetaker, JIRA master
  3. Jettywrapper update
  4. Matt report on merge of UI phase 2 code to Rails 3 and merge to master
  5. Joe G. update on UI phase 3 (ajax)
  6. OM documentation
  7. HydraCamp prep
  8. Sprint for Oct 03 (today)
    • JIRA master


  1. Next week's
    • moderator: Julie
    • notetaker: Justin
    • JIRA master:

Jettywrapper update

Justin has been updating jettywrapper using "child process", which is a library that rails uses and has been tested cross platform. Not quite ready for a new release, but likely to be a new release later this week. Current hydra-jetty is backward incompatible, so we're bumping the major version number. This release will be 1.0. hydra-head just calls for jettywrapper (unversioned). This is going to be a problem unless things match. For the short term, we'll coordinate this by making hydra-head require jettywrapper < 1.0, and then after the new release, when hydra-jetty has been updated, it should require jettywrapper 1.0. Justin will do this.

Matt report on merge of UI phase 2 code to Rails 3 and merge to master

Currently we have 53 test failures, which Matt thinks are minor inconsistencies. Matt asks: Is it okay to delete the file assets list feature? This was extra coverage for if you went to that page as a page in and of itself, seems redundant, he wants to delete it. Any objections? Some discussion but ultimately no objections. Matt and Jessie will coordinate. Also, the delete button has disappeared but Matt and Jessie are working on getting it back.

Joe G. update on UI phase 3 (ajax)

This is dependent on the stuff that Matt Z. just discussed. No work on this until rails 3 is stable and ready for additional work.

OM documentation

There is still a lot of confusion about OM syntax, lots of emails and chat about this last week. Justin has done some work to make the syntax more intuitive and we can go ahead and start taking advantage of that. There are some methods (e.g., the one Molly was trying to use last week) that aren't fully baked, b/c Matt wasn't sure if anyone would use it. Matt would like to hash out on the list how this method should work and then we can incorporate support for that into the next release. Molly is stuck and can't get something working. Matt will look into Molly's use case. Naomi has the same use case, and asked for more method-level documentation. Matt will look at Molly's problem and post the solution to the mailing list. Then he'll look at hydra-head stuff, then he'll look at OM and adding xpath attribute support. Everyone please try to use the existing documentation and provide feedback on what they'd like enhanced.

HydraCamp prep

HydraCamp is happening next week. Small group, just seven people.