Committers Call 2010-12-13

Jessie Keck
Rick Johnson
John Scofield
Garrick Van Buren
Matt Zumwalt

Garrick & John -
Porting Libra features back to Hydrangea

  • progress box
  • delete dialog as a div
  • date picker

Garrick will be working on automated testing of javascript

Jessie -

  • using Gemfile.centos
  • rspec bug – doesn't respect --gemfile flag when running rspec rake tasks
  • … so Hudson build copies Gemfile.centos to Gemfile before running rake spec

Blacklight & Rails 3

  • BL devs have looked into this
  • upgrade should not be too hard – rails3 reporter script came through relatively clean
  • might have to wait for rsolr to upgrade, might not

active-fedora-1.2.8 will be out on December 15th
New fixes/features:

  • ability to specify namespace when generating a new pid
  • Model.find(:all) accepts :rows argument to control how many objects are returned. Defaults to 25.