Committers Call 2011-01-24


Molly Pickral
Mark Matienzo
John Scofield
Matt Zumwalt
Garrick Van Buren
Bess Sadler
Bob Haschart

Agenda Items

  1. Update on Stanford Work - Argus, Hydrus, HyPATIA (Bess)
  2. Getting rid of Gemfile.centos
  3. Moving plugin specs into plugins/gems
  4. Solr NPE
  5. Dumping Fluid – pros & cons
  6. CSS - Giving people a clean slate for styling/branding in an upgrade-friendly way
  7. Rolling Fitz' solrizer, etc. changes into master

Institution Updates

Stanford Update

Building 2 or 3 Hydra Heads
Hydrus – SSSDR: Stanford Self-Deposit head
Argus: Admin view onto all Repositories (Staff client) aware of workflow status, etc.
.. Possibly HyPATIA work

UVa Update

Libra work mostly UI-related
Releasing a new version of Virgo this week

MediaShelf Update

  • Working with U of Hull to put Hydra on top of pre-existing repositories
  • Working on cucumber step definitions this week for Hydrus. Planning to start treating Hydra step definitions as another collaboratively authored/maintained library.


Decision: use only one Gemfile, lock down sqlite3 version to 1.2.5
Waiting on folding Fitz' fixes into released repositories, then Hudson will be green

Moving specs into plugins

This is the final step to getting all hydra code out of the root application. Makes it easier to test institution-specific customizations by keeping them separate from plugin specs. Will also help with contributing fixes back to core.

Might cause problems with testing plugins that require other plugins. In this case, try mocking.

Consensus: go ahead (not clear who wants to work on this)

Solr NPE

Problem: "more" link in facets returning a Solr null pointer exception when you use it from the home page (when there is no query).

Changing query type to dismax won't work b/c we need it for gated discovery/permissions.

Pragmatic fix if keeping lucene query handler: in cases where there is no query, insert ":" into query to prevent lucene from getting an empty query.

Dumping Fluid

UX Strength of Hydra: Save on Update Functionality

  • How it's presented – page full of "click to edit"
  • (formerly) constrained on types of inputs that it works for
  • conflicts between fluid & new date picker

What's been done in Libra:

Ditched the click to edit functionality, re-implemented auto-save without fluid (save on change/on blur)

Other things that need to be replaced (jQuery plugins exist for these)

  • undo
  • aria support

Regarding Fluid Uploader:
Keep it for now, but only load fluid on upload views

CSS clean slate

In Libra, a bunch of work was done to provide a clean starting point for institution-specific style/brand. Should we pull this "blank slate" CSS into Hydra core?

No objection.

Integrating Fitz's latest work

solrizer-fedora has been released with patch.
merge cfitz branch into hydrangea master – Consensus: go ahead.

! Be sure to update solr in hydra-jetty when updating to Fedora 3.4.2