Committers Call 9-26


  • Bess
  • Naomi Dushay
  • Julie Meloni
  • Jesse Keck
  • Justin Coyne
  • Rick
  • Mike Stroming
  • Eddie 
  • Molly Pickral


  • Active Fedora 2.3.8
  • Review of the Merge
  • Eddie - Is there a plan for Jetty wrapper to use multi/multi hydra-jetty?
  • Jesse - mediashelf-loggable gem problem
  • Moderators for next week Rick, Bess is taking notes.


  •  Review of merge given by Jesse - 20 failing scenarios fixed or worked around.  Down to 5 failing scenarios passed back to Matt with recommendation on what to do.  None of the css or js was being loaded after the merge.  UVA is waiting to hear from Matt.
  • multi/multi hydra jetty  -- No plan to do this.   Not on anyones priority list.  Maybe next month.
  • Gem dependency issue for mediashelf-logger 0.4.5 when using hydra-head 3.0 -- fix was to use 0.4.7  -- Need to specify this in a gemset somewhere.. perhaps active-fedora or solrizer-fedora