Committers Call 2011-08-22


Matt Zumwalt (moderator)
Justin Coyne (notetaker)

Agenda Items

What does a notetaker do? What does a moderator do?

Jira Review:


In attendance

  • Eddie
  • John Scofield
  • Joe Gilbert
  • Bess Sadler
  • Matt Zumwalt
  • Naomi Dushay
  • Jesse Keck
  • Mike (Northwestern)
  • Justin Coyne


  • Announcement (Eddie)
    • Fedora 3.5.0 is out.  Going to update a branch of hydra-jetty with Fedora 3.5 which will be made available for testing
  • Update of Hydra Head (Jesse)** Will email tech group today with technical explanation.  Joe has been applying design and css. Major hurdle from technical perspective is create vs update.  Another update after their call today.  Jesse will be on vacation half of next week.  Matt asked when we can pull the phase one of this work into the rails 3 branch.  Justin want's to wait until this branch has been merged to master. Jesse will have an answer in his email later today. 
  • Active Fedora Update (Justin)** Releasing a 2.x gem and a 3.x gem later this week.
    • 3.x line includes belongs_to and has_many relationships and nested_attributes
  • Role of moderator and notetaker and release manager (Matt)
    • Note taker:
    • Moderator
      • Set up notes page in the wiki
      • Followup after the call to make sure all the tickets have been moved to next release and close out current release
    • How do we document this process?
      • Do we need a wiki page?
      • Producing Open Source Software:
      • Talk about it at partners meeting Sept 8-10th
  • JIRA Review