Committers Call 2011-03-28


Rich Garbatt
Simon Lamb
Bess Sadler
Matt Zumwalt
John Scofield
Molly Pickral


LibDevConX Notes
Continuous Integration – Jenkins - Bess
OM release - Matt
Q about overriding plugin routes - Simon
Debranding Hydrangea - Matt


LibDevConX Notes

We covered a lot of ground at LibDevConX^2. Jessie has posted the notes from all of the sessions at There is great info in there, organized by day and topic/session.

Continuous Integration

Conventions for how to set up your builds
It's a bit tricky. can't just spin up jetty, run rake, then shut down jetty b/c hudson checks based on the status of the last script that was run. So you need to wrap the specs in a rake task that spins up jetty and wraps the call to rspec & cucumber

This will be called rake hudson

Question about Routes & overriding Blacklight's routes

Discussed overriding Blacklight's catalog routes to use "assets" in the url

Related to:

Debranding Hydrangea

The current hydrangea/master is de-branded. It rather than looking like blacklight, it is styled as a blank slate for you to build on.

There has been some discussion about css, themes, skinning, etc. This would allow us to provide a nicely styled "default" theme while also making it easy for people to apply their own styling.

See discussion on hydra-ui
See notes from ldcx discussion: