Committers Call 2011-08-01


Matt, Eddie, Justin, John, Bill, Naomi, Joe, Bess, Rick, Adam, Jessie


Help us Test hydra-head 3.0.0pre2 & hydra-head tutorials

  • Try Installing from Scratch
  • Try upgrading your Hydra Head

Matt called for volunteers for testing the rails 3 install from scratch. Bess and Adam volunteered. Justin and Matt are also testing the upgrade process from rails 2 to rails 3. Adam is also going to upgrade his existing hydrangea app to rails 3, probably next week. This will give Matt more time to write up upgrade notes. 

Creating Sample Objects

  • Need something cleaner & more presentable than the Fixtures

We need something more attractive for the demo app. Is anyone interested in creating 10 - 15 sample objects for this purpose? Fixture objects have data in them like "THE TITLE" and "Lastname, Firstname" instead of real data. These objects should be of type mods asset. People on the call agreed that this was a good idea, but no was was ready to commit to doing it right now. There was a suggestion to use the creation of sample objects as an exercise for people at RIRI or HydraCamp. 

Two copies of Single-Core Jetty vs. One Multi Multi Core Jetty

It now appears to be possible to deploy the same fedora web app to different contexts within Jetty. This means that the reasons we had previously for choosing solr single core + a single fedora are outweighed by the convenience of having a single jetty to manage. We're still addressing the imbalance of solr and fedora, though, so we now have two copies of fedora and two copies of fedora. Bess's changes to license files are still in place, Eddie just put back in the solr multicore configuration. Right now, jetty gets out of memory errors, and you have to start it with memory flags in order to prevent that. Eddie is adding that information to the hydra-jetty README and we'll put those flags in the startup rake tasks. 

Reminder for the community: Work that isn't 100% done needs to stay in a feature branch until it's fully integrated. This burned us on the move to single core jetty, b/c although at the time we thought it was ready to go, there was still integration work that wasn't done. That integration work took much longer than expected, and in the meantime, our master branches were out of sync and didn't work with each other. That's not a good practice, and we don't want to do that again. 

Rake task for jetty cleanup

We need a rake task that will return either the test or dev jetty environment to a pristine state. We've made a ticket, but it hasn't been assigned to anyone yet. 

Jira Review: Jira Tickets for Aug 1st