Committers Call 2012-10-15


  • Moderator: Justin Coyne (MediaShelf)
  • Notetaker: Adam Wead (Rock Hall)
  • JIRA Wrangler: Dan Coughlin (Penn State)
  • Ben Armintor
  • Dan Coughlin 
  • Mike Giarlo
  • Mike Stroming
  • Michael Klein
  • Edgar Garcia
  • Jesse Keck
  • Monty Hindman
  • Chris Beer
  • Supreme Leader of HYDRA: Baron Wolfgang von Strucker


  1. Call for Agenda items
  2. Next call
    1. Date: 10/22
    2. Moderator: Michael Klein
    3. Notetaker:  Adam Wead
    4. JIRA Wrangler: Dan Coughlin
  3. Who is using workflow?  Is it okay to remove redirect to "edit_catalog_path" from in there?  See [Justin]
    1. Edit catalog path doesn't have any code.  Stanford
  4. OM 1.7.0
    1. rc2 is out
    2. has casting to dates and integers built in
    3. Mike stroming is current release manager he will take a look and release
  5. ActiveFedora 4.6.0
    1. rc3 is out
    2. blocked by OM 1.7.0
    3. Need changelog
    4. Adam Wead will look at this after OM 1.7 is released
  6. HydraHead 5.0.0.pre7
    1. Blocked by AF 4.6.0
    2. Okay to deprecate Hydra::Controller::FileAssetsBehavior in 5.0 for removal in 6.0?
      1. Chris suggests we remove this in 5.0 (since it's painful already)
      2. Ben says DatastreamsController will replace this functionality **Call Dropped**
    3. Should we wait for bootstrap branch of BL before releasing?
      1. Yes, HH5 will wait for bootstrap in BL
    4. Waiting on  Unable to locate Jira server for this macro. It may be due to Application Link configuration.  before rc1
      1. Tabled until next week.

  7. Advance plans for December's "Developers Meeting / Hackfest" in San Diego? (mbklein)
    1. Project ideas?
      1. nom datastream
      2. Enhancements to AF to make it more ActiveRecordish
      3. Try to run rails-admin on active-fedora.
      4. Extract generic-file gem from scholarsphere
      5. Remove blacklight's dependency on rsolr-ext
      6. Write a config for hydra on Solr 4.0
    2. We should have a wiki page for this. Justin will do this.
  8. Prepare to unleash the Death Spore bomb from Hydra Island. (Baron Strucker)
    1. Standing item
  9. Very Near Term Work
  10. JIRA
    1. Jira Weekly Round up from Sprint for October 15 (today):
      1. type key summary assignee reporter priority status resolution created updated due

        Unable to locate Jira server for this macro. It may be due to Application Link configuration.