Committers Call 2012-04-02


  • Moderator: Adam Wead
  • Notetaker: Simon Lamb
  • Ben Armintor
  • Chris Colvard (Indiana U.)
  • Michael Klein (Stanford)
  • Naomi Dushay (Stanford)
  • Jessie Keck (Stanford)
  • Justin Coyne (Mediashelf)

Next meeting's notetaker and moderator

Note: Next committers call will be on April 16th


  1. Hydra Release
    • bug with can-can
      • Can-Can dependency was added to Gemfile
      • Action: Chris to take dependency out of Gemfile and add a 'require' within lib/hydra.rb 
    • merge to trunk
      • Action: Justin to rebase to incorporate Ben's recent fix (render 404...)
      • Action: Chris to check that fedora exception 'object not found' is caught and 404 response is given
    • pull request from mike k.
      • 'Holding off to shake out major changes between 3.x  and 4.0'
      • Small fixes can be applied to 4.0.0 release, but should be in 'feature freeze' now
  2. LibdevconX and Hydra partner's meeting
    • release managers
      • List of release managers here - Release manager list
      • In meeting, Chris Colvard volunteered for JettyWrapper & Adam Wead volunteered to take 'Installation QA' (with guidance from more experience in community) 
    • general comments
      • Ben needs write permissions for hydra/action-fedora
        • Action: Justin to give Ben & Chris update permissions 
      • Discussion around legal issues about new editors/release managers? Need for formalised procedures for committers/release-managers to deal with merging pull requests? 
        • Action: Grant Release managers rights to merger changes into GitHub projects 
      • Notes from LibdevConX to be released on hydra-tech list
      • Institutions concerned with the rate of change of hydra-head/action-fedora: difficulties in keeping up with the latest version.. 
      • Very useful document from Matt - Hydra Stack: The Hierarchy of Promises
      • Naomi: Intends to rethink documentation, clarity about finding answers to questions, utilising existing code... Documentation organisation overhaul!  
      • Discussion about providing an easy to install hydra demonstrator VM 
        • Benefit institutions/organisations wanting to 'test-drive' hydra without having to get to grips with Ruby/RVM/and stack... 
        • Would require a new VM to be built everytime there is a new release.  Release Managers => New virtual machine image? 
        • Justin linked:
  3. Recent emails to the list
    • Ensure that we try to help with new user installation issues 
      • Action: Adam to get in touch and give initial help/support avenues 
      • Encourage IRC as great place for one-to-many troubleshooting 
      • Documentation causing issues - It's not clear what to use, what to ignore
  1. Jira roundup