Committers Call 2011-08-15


Matt Zumwalt (moderator)
Edwin Shin (notetaker)
Justin Coyne
John Scofield
Rick Johnson
Mike Stroming
Joe Gilbert
Naomi Dushay

Agenda Items

Rubygems version: recommend < 1.8.0 for rails2 ... how to document this? How to handle this in the future?

ActiveFedora 3.x (Rails 3) decision

Jira Review: Sprint for August 15


ACTION: pin RubyGems in Hydra project .rvmrc (see

No -1s on hydra-tech regarding making ActiveFedora 2.x Rails 2-only and ActiveFedora 3.x Rails 3-only, so this will move forward

Need volunteers for HYDRA-632, HYDRA-633, HYDRA-634

UI Update

  • Jessie will complete workflow changes for PHASE 1 spec
  • Joe will improve the CSS & begin work for JavaScript for Phase after Jessie is done
  • Justin will take a pass at merging Jessie's work into the Rails 3 hydra-head branch

Next week
notetaker: Justin
moderator: Matt