Committers Call 2011-04-18


Edwin Shin (moderator)
Bess Sadler (notetaker)
Chris Fitzpatrick
Molly Pickral
Mark Matienzo
Simon Lamb
John Scofield
Rick Johnson



  • Jetty Testing Gem update
  • User accounts
  • Best practices for builds

HYDRNGA Jira Project

Time tracking in Jira

JavaScript stripping update(question)




There's a gem called jettywrapper-0.0.2 that you can use to make building a hydra head on hudson much easier. Eddie says there's a jetty cleaner task to clear out fixtures. In hydrangea this is in vendor/plugins/hydra_repository/lib/jetty_cleaner.rb

Run it like this: 

script/runner "JettyCleaner.clean()"

script/runner JettyCleaner.clean("libra-oa")

TODO: Bess will add this to the jettywrapper gem 

Debate ensued about whether we can standardize on a single .rvmrc file. Fitz shared a suggested .rvmrc file that's generated via a command: 

rvm ree@hydrus -{-}rvmrc –-create

RESOLVED: We're going to check .rvmrc files into version control. They will be generated using the command "rvm ree@$PROJECT_NAME -{-}rvmrc –-create"

Should we empty the gemsets before we do a bundle install?

RESOLVED: Don't clean out the entire gemset, just run gem cleanup each time to remove any old versions on the hudson build. 

TODO: Bess will pass along the way Stanford creates hudson builds to use rvm gemsets. 

TODO: Eddie will send to the list a method for making your hudson build happen every time there's a commit 

Bess sent an email about changes to rake tasks to the Hydrus list and then forwarded it to the hydra-tech list. 

HYDRNGA Jira Project

There is one. Go read the email Matt Z. sent. 

Time tracking in Jira 

The time tracking plugin has been in jira for awhile but it hasn't been that useful before because it didn't have good reporting mechanisms. Stanford and Hull are using time tracking, particularly for contract work with mediashelf. Eddie asks that we use time tracking for any work contributed to core. There were no objections. 

Javascript Stripping Update

Fitz pushed the last bit that had been assigned to him. There were some tables in the views... should he remove them? Consensus: No. Fitz put some work into building a test for valid XHTML, but it was TOO strict and would get in the way of our ability to use javascript. Instead, Fitz is going to check for something that checks for proper document form. Discussion ensued about ways to validate HTML output. We don't have an update from UVA, we'll have to wait for next week when Julie can join us. 

Merging back into Hydrangea

What's the process? Everything relevant from hydrus and libra will be merged into hydrangea. This will start with the rake tasks and getting the build into Hudson. Then we'll have a baseline to measure against. Tracking for hydrangea will happen in the HYDRNGA jira project. Matt Z. is coordinating the Hydra code base but is not the product owner / manager for Hydrangea. 

TODO: Matt Z. and Bess will merge the rake task changes from hydrus into hydrangea and get it building in hudson. 

Next week:

  • Moderator: Matt Z. 
  • Notetaker: John Scofield