Committers Call 2011-10-24


  • Matt Zumwalt (moderator)
  • Justin Coyne (notetaker)
  • Naomi Dushay
  • Joe Gilbert
  • Jessie Keck
  • Molly Pickral
  • Mike Stroming
  • Bess Sadler
  • Rick Johnson


  1. Call for agenda items - none added
  2. No call next week (DLF on 10/31)
  3. Next call (11/7) moderator, notetaker, JIRA master  -- Naiomi & Justin
  4. Report on Hydra-Head 3.0 RC
    1. file asset bug fixed?  -- Matt and Joe think it's fixed. 
    2. AJAX? -- Postponed to 3.0.1
    3. Release Plan?
      1. ActiveFedora 3.1 will be introduced in hydra-head for version 3.1.0
      2. Adam Wead's feedback to hydra-tech on Oct 14
      3. Need to create a 3.0.0 release branch and release.
    4. put in master branch, remove old branches
      • note that Julie is the release manager for hydra-head this quarter
      • and Richard is the web site dude for this quarter – should be an announcement there
      • Michael for OM, Justin for AF, Eddie for Solrizer
  5. Hydra Camp report - Matt will be making some screencasts of the content covered, so people can learn without coming to hydra camp. Was a  good size. Aiming to have 15 or fewer people at the next hydra camp.  Thinking about having another event where participants would get together and build an app in a week.
  6. Jettywrapper 1.0 update – Justin  -- works well, we may need to bump the default memory size & permgen size.  Perhaps we should remove hydra:jetty:start / hydra:jetty:stop 
  7. "assets" rename to avoid conflict with Rails 3.1 Assets Pipeline (hydra/goods, ..assets, ..objects ..commodities) -- Decided it will be /hydra/assets
  8. Clear indication of non-prod instances (Tom Cramer email 10/21)
  9. OM documentation update  
  10. Sprint for Oct 24 (today):
    • JIRA master?
  11. JIRA grooming


  1. Next week's
    • moderator:
    • notetaker: