Committers Call 2011-02-28


Molly Pickral
Eddie Shin
John Scofield
Bess Sadler
Garrick Van Buren
Matt Zumwalt
Banurekha L



  • cleaning up old branches on github


  • replacing master with contents of Libra

Currently facing
Adding features around metadata recommendations

We will adopt this practice internally with gems. For plugins, we will keep an eye to how this would work when they become gems, especially trying to identify what would be part of public API vs non-public API.

  • Rails3 Upgrade

Dan Funk has Blacklight running with Rails3. All Rspec tests are passing. Working on cucumber today.

this includes changes to .to_solr methods in all Hydra components.
Decision: go ahead and release.

Concern: RSolr has only one committer who has very little time to put into maintaining it. What should we do about ensuring longevity of projects like this?

Fitz has already fixed this in his copy of AF. We will get that fix back into master ASAP.