Committers Call 2010-11-15

In attendance
5:10:41 PM flyingzumwalt: Molly Pickral
5:10:42 PM flyingzumwalt: Garrick Van Buren
5:10:42 PM flyingzumwalt: John Scofield
5:10:42 PM flyingzumwalt: Eddie Shin
5:10:42 PM flyingzumwalt: Matt Zumwalt
Paul Cantrell

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5:10:57 PM flyingzumwalt:
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5:13:15 PM flyingzumwalt:
5:13:31 PM flyingzumwalt:
5:20:49 PM eddies: hydra-197 is assigned to jennifer, moving to 0.5
5:24:55 PM eddies: hydra 267 118 252 59 all moved to 0.5
5:25:19 PM eddies: hydra-292 moved to 0.5.5
5:29:27 PM flyingzumwalt: added molly to hydrangea committers on github
5:32:26 PM eddies: is addressed by
5:50:34 PM flyingzumwalt: The tickets currently in the 0.5 release seem inappropriate. Matt will look into rearranging the releases to reflect real priorities.
5:51:38 PM paulcantrell: I'm moving on to other stuff here, but I'll keep the call on in the background.
5:54:17 PM eddies: