Committers Call 2010-10-25


YARD Docs coming together.  They are automatically built on at 

Hydra Website

Need an informative site for Hydra.

A good example:

Buy domain?


On that site, at minimum, we should have:

  • Executive Summary
  • Community Mission
  • How to Get Involved
  • Committers Page - conventions for code comments, ticket #s in branches and commits

Solrizer changes

-- resolved to rearrange into 2 gems.  see HYDRA-286

gem install solrizer-fedora.gem

require "solrizer/fedora"

gem install solrizer-csv.gem

require "solrizer/csv"

Rake tasks will be namespaced as well:

rake solrizer:fedora:solrize PID=

rake solrizer:fedora:solrize_objects

rake solrizer:csv:solrize

Images Implementation

will merge to master

Still need to replace all usage of FileAsset with GenericContent Model

Need to improve document_partial_name helper method to be smart about figuring out model type.  See [HYDRA-290|].