Committers Call 2012-02-27


  • Moderator: Jessie Keck
  • Notetaker: Simon Lamb
  • Neptune (Trident U)
  • Michael Stroming, Northwestern
  • Adam Wead, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
  • Dan Brubaker-Horst, Notre Dame
  • Rick
  • Justin Coyne, Mediashelf
  • Chris Colvard, Indiana University
  • Michael Klein, Stanford
  • Naomi Dushay, Stanford
  • Matt Zumwalt, Mediashelf

Agenda and Notes

(Original agenda in plain text; call notes in bold.)

  1. Call for agenda items0
  2. Next call: (when: ? moderator: ? , notetaker: ?)
    1.     March 5th Moderator: Jessie Keck;  Notetaker: Mike Stroming
  3. Hylandora report - Jonathan Green at Stanford (Naomi or Michael or Jessie)
    1. Introduced Solrizer, Hydra (architecture/ Ruby models)
      - Potential to work on the Hydra side to create Models that are Islandora compliant objects
      - rightsMetadata key difference (islandora use XACML)
      - Simon mentioned that Hull uses a ‘generic’ ruby model which is compatible with a variety of Fedora objects declaring differing ‘Content models’.
      Action: Simon to describe Hull's work on Hylandora wiki page
  4. Models - Confusing
    1. Vestigial? - what can go away and who will make it happen?
    2. Confusing: where does a newbie look for ... FileAsset object models and any included pieces? ... RightsMetadata datastream model and any included pieces? the models for each included fixture object? ... how RightsMetadata is included in Hydra example models? ... etc.
      1. has a real mish-mash of code: fixture object models, some datastream models, some user code, some permissions code ...
      2. has only file_asset object, but not rightsMetadata or any other "comes default with Hydra application models" ...
      3. has the mods_object (why here) and common_metadata (which is only the inclusion of rightsMetadata ... so indirection may be more obscuring than it is worth)
        1. What are valid models to be included in the base hydra-head?- What should be in app/models, lib directory?
        2. Large amount of classes/mixins within ‘lib’ for providing hydra object model support 
        3. Documentation/ReadMe's to help understanding
        4. Actions: 
          1. Mike to create a user survey asking for what models should(n’t) be kept in hydra
          2. Break out session for looking at this at libconx
          3. Matt offered Office hours to work on rationalizing the code in /lib, for example datastreams might go in a 'datastreams' directory or use a convention 'datastream_ds'
  5. Documentation - Models and Active Fedora (Naomi)
      1. what role does ActiveFedora play?
      2. HydraHead provides which models by default?
      3. how does Fedora know about the ActiveFedora model / how does a Hydra app know what model an object is?
      4. how does this relate to Fedora CModels ...
    2. what is a FileAsset object, how does it look in Fedora, in Solr, and how is it used?
    3. what is rightsMetadata, how do I use it.
      1. Need up-to-date relevant documentation... 
      2. Old Yard documentation (tutorials, help) is misleading, should really link to github wiki.
      3. Actions:
        1. Matt will delete old docs from yard/codebase
        2. Simon will update ActiveFedora wiki pages with Disseminator work
  6. ActiveFedora (v. 3.3.0)
    1. False positives in lambda { x }.should raise_exception type tests. (Michael K.)
      1. Justin/Michael resolved (passing raised exception test but for the wrong exception '#rspec expectation exception' )
      2. Tests were removed because they were no longer relevant. Be aware of similar test issues. 
    2. Michael K.  - Hydra-745 branch 
      1. URL parameter required in E/R Datastream. Not valid for Michael’s use case
      2. Should there be a hasDisseminator that has url requirement?
      3. Actions:
        1. To check with Ben Armintor about his work in this area.
        2. Merge into master
  7. Michael K. - Load from solr branch
    1. Build in read-only functionality?
    2. Huge performance increase when reading from Solr over Fedora
    3. Only read the datastream the object
    4. Action: Discuss further at LibConX
  8. Michael G. - RDF refactor branch
  9. Justin C. - Waiting to branch 4.0.0. Will remove deprecated code.
    1. Two weeks until release. Hydra-head out before libconx
    2. Action: Backward compatible changes? Community should be aware, and propose features to carry forward
  10. Very Near Term work
  11. Hydra Head 4? Work on components?
    1. Needs CI with a modern OS
    2. Will get AF 4.0.0
      1. Jenkins server issues resolved with local build of sqlite
      2. Action: Justin and Jessie to talk about this solution
  12. JIRA:
    1. "newly added" version / "received" status / fedora workflow - Naomi
    2. Unassigned Version tickets no more – let's assign versions to 5 of them this call:
    3. Hot Plate tickets winnowed and componentized?
        1. hydra-745 – Moved to March 5th sprint - Justin
        2. hydra-743 – Moved to March 5th sprint - Jessie
        3. hydra-310 - Closed (feature within Blacklight)
        4. hydra-410 - Closed
        5. hydra-346 - Won't fix (close incl sub-tasks)
  13. Jira Weekly Round up from Sprint for Feb 27 (today):
      1. hydra-741 - Pushed to hotplate
      2. hydra-714 - Pushed to hotplate
      3. hydra-711 - Waiting on DNS, moved to next week
      4. hydra-505 - Pushed to hotplate