September 11, 2015


Dial: +1 (641) 715 3660
Access Code: 651025#


Facilitator: Karen Cariani (WGBH)
Notetaker: Mike Giarlo (Penn State)

  • Rick Johnson (Notre Dame)
  • Richard Green (Hull)
  • Eben English (BPL)
  • Dean Krafft (Cornell)
  • MISSED THE NAME (Case Western)
  • Carolyn Caizzi (Northwestern)
  • Mark Matienzo (DPLA)
  • Will Cowan (Indiana)
  • John Weise (Michigan)
  • Sebastien Korner (Michigan)
  • Linda Newman (Cincinnati)
  • Ray Lubinsky (Virginia)
  • Chris Awre (Hull)
  • Jon Stroop (Princeton)
  • Jim Tuttle (Duke)

Agenda & Notes

  1. Roll Call
    1. Attending
    2. Welcome New Folks
      1. University of Michigan?
    3. Call for Agenda Items
  1. Next call
    1. Date: October 9th
    2. Facilitator: Mark Matienzo (DPLA) Unable to make call
    3. Notetaker: Carolyn Caizzi (Northwestern)
  2. Hydra-in-a-Box project
    1. Lots of organizational work going on, and subgroups will soon be forming
    2. Stay tuned for presentations etc. at Hydra Connect including a comprehensive update during the first morning plenary
    3. Holding a focus group at Hydra Connect, only room for 10-12 people, and another focus group at Minnesota later that week
    4. Individual interviews are now being scheduled for the requirements-gathering process
  3. Progress on issues from Power Steering
    1. (see
    2. (see also
  4. Standing Community to-do's
    1. Reports back from meetings (if any)
      1. The Hydra Archivists Interest Group held a data modeling workshop at SAA and was judged to be successful. Ben Goldman shared notes with the hydra-community mailing list.
    2. Next Partner and dev-centric meetings
      1. Hydra Connect 2015 (Richard)
        1. Reminder:  Posters to be printed locally need to be with Fedex no later than this coming Monday to guarantee delivery. See information here.
        2. Five tickets have been returned in the last 72 hours.  If you or colleagues want them, add yourselves to the waiting list: first come, first served.
      2. Hydra Connect 2016 (Richard)
        1. Steering is still actively working on this.
    3. Regional meetings
      1. There will be an NDSA meeting in New England in a couple weeks, and there may also be a regional code4lib in the northeast.
    4. Training
      1. Fedora 4 camp upcoming at Duke
      2. Mike attended software development training around object-oriented design with Sandi Metz and it was fantastic. She would like to find some way to work with the Hydra community, especially if we can find our way to the Research Triangle area. Some folks that expressed interest are:
        1. DPLA
        2. Princeton
        3. Northwestern
        4. Duke
    5. Reports from Interest & Working Groups
      1. Archivists Interest Group
        1. See above re: the SAA session
      2. Digital Preservation Interest Group
        1. Discussing the Hull/York Archivematica project - see
        2. Discussing email preservation
      3. User Experience Interest Group
        1. Good call between UXIG and the Descriptive Metadata subgroup in August
      4. Web presence WG
        1. Richard: There will be a report at Hydra Connect.
      5. Service Manager IG
        1. There's been a good amount of information sharing happening
      6. Page viewer/page turner IG/WG
        1. Richard: Verbal report at Hydra Connect where a written report will also be released
      7. Metadata Working Group
      8. Time-based Media IG (T-MIG)
      9. Hydra Metrics Interest Group
  5. Prospective Partner Intel Sharing 
  6. Any other old or new business