October 11, 2013


Dial: +1 (530) 881-1400
Access Code: 651025


  • Mark Bussey, Data Curation Experts (Facilitator)

  • Chris Awre, Hull (Notetaker)
  • Robin Ruggaber, UVa
  • Tom Cramer, Stanford
  • Rick Johnson, Notre Dame
  • Ray Lubinsky, UVa
  • Mark Notess, Indiana
  • Anders Conrad, Royal Library
  • Ed Fay, LSE
  • Mike Friscia, Yale
  • Eben English, BPL
  • Jim Tuttle, Duke
  • Michael Klein, Northwestern
  • Will Cowan, Indiana
  • Bess Sadler, Stanford
  • Karen Cariani, WGBH
  • Andrew Woods, DuraSpace/Fedora 4 (in attendance for the item on Fedora 4)


  1. Roll Call
    1. Welcome New Folks 
    2. No new members were on the call
  2. Call for Agenda Items
    1. The items on Fedora 4 and Event planning had been added to the standing items
  3. Next Call
    1. Date: November 8th, 2013 
    2. Facilitator: Anders
    3. Notetaker: Ed
  4. Fedora 4 Update - Andrew Woods
    1. Not really an update, more a request for input
    2. Hydra is a major stakeholder in Fedora 4

    3. Establishing open and effective lines of communication are of value in enabling Hydra to feed needs into Fedora 4 development
      There is still value in identifying other regular feedback channels - thoughts are welcome

      1. There is good overlap at the Steering Group level, and there has been Hydra committers call participation from Fedora 4 staff
      2. Tech input also has overlap - primarily through Chris Beer and Ben Armintor
    4. There is general interest in the where functionality needs to sit, in Fedora or in Hydra
    5. A specific point of current interest is authorisation.  Hydra rights metadata can easily sit in Fedora 4, and no other Fedora functionality would be required.
    6. Fedora will be developing a simple but robust auth mechanism.  It's use shouldn't impact on Hydra.
    7. That's fine, but is there interest in Hydra making any use of this Fedora auth mechanism?  If so, for what reasons and how?
    8. Discussion centred on the issue of access to objects in Fedora other than through Hydra and the benefit of using Fedora auth for this where rights metadata isn't processable.
    9. It was noted that not having this ability in Hydra has put a couple of potential partners off.
    10. Andrew will set up a wiki page to capture use cases for Hydra use of Fedora auth.  Robin will gather interested parties for a conversation post-DLF, which Mark B. will convene.
    11. There is a DLF Fedora 4 hackathon that will look at this issue, so information added to the wiki beforehand will be useful in informing this.
    12. It was noted that Fedora 4 are also having conversations with Islandora
    13. Greg Jansen at UNC has been the main developer in this area for Fedora 4 so far.
  5. Grants (upcoming, status updates)
    1. Penn State Grant for Zotero
      1. We are submitting our application Any Day Now.
    2. ORCID grant by Notre Dame
      1. Granted!  Congrats!  What's next? Details Posted Here: Hydra ORCID Plug-in
      2. The link above provides further information, and also a link to the formal announcement for publicity
      3. A news piece will be added to the Hydra website shortly
    3. Others?
      1. Fedora 4 is looking at available grants to accelerate the work and early adoption.  Ideas for scoping these are welcome.  Timescale is as soon as possible to fit in with funders' timetables.
  6. Progress on action items
    1. Should we go over  Summary of the action points as a group and assign dates/owners for the action items so we can better track progress?
    2. Mark N. is very interested in working on developing the approach to vendors, which aligns well with Avalon's needs.
    3. Not otherwise discussed, due to time
  7. Standing Community TODOs
    1. Next Partner meetings
      1. December event: Worldwide Hydra Connect meeting.
        1. Dates finalized?
          1. A set of dates in January for UCSD in San Diego?
          2. The event is scheduled for 21-14 January 2014.  This will be circulated via the lists
          3. 3n1 or 2n2? 
          4. Planning committee to decide on the structure of the event
        2. Event Planning Team
          1. So far Declan and Matt at UCSD and Tom, Robin and Richard have been setting this up
          2. A separate planning committee is proposed to organise the programming of the event (UCSD will do all local logistics)
          3. An email will be circulated to ask for volunteers to be on this committee.  The email will also scope the likely level of work involved and what needs attention.
          4. The creative aspects of this are acknowledged given this is the first event of its kind for Hydra.
      2. 2014: regional Hydra event in UK/Ireland
        1. No update - the event will be discussed in the coming month
      3. LibConDevX / Partner meeting
        1. Dates finalized?
        2. In April, avoiding code4lib end and CNI
    2. Training
      1. Fall Hydracamp updates
        1. Case Western Camp went very well - details in DCE's monthly update
        2. Modularising the training and using the tutorials approach went very well
      2. DLF planning updates
        1. A brief Hydra training event is planned
    3. Strategic plan: where are we? are we on track?
      1. See: Progress against the 2013 Strategic Action Plan

      2. Not discussed due to time
  8. Prospective Partner Intel Sharing
    1. Oxford and Cornell have both expressed interest in becoming partners
    2. Case Western has also expressed an interest following the Camp
    3. Shared IR work is pressing ahead, developing the collaboration between the partners
    4. The Dance Heritage Coalition are considering their Fedora sustainability options - Karen, Mike G., and Bess will be attending their next meeting and will raise Hydra
  9. Website Updates
    1. None