November 14, 2014


Dial: +1 (530) 881-1400
Access Code: 651025


Facilitator: Anders Conrad

Notetaker: Mike Friscia

Tom Cramer - Stanford
Bess Sadler - Stanford
Mike Giarlo - Penn State
Karen - WGBH
Mike- WGBH
Rick Johnson - ND
Steve - Northwestern
Steven Anderson - BPL
Chris - Hull
Richard - Hull
Mark Notess - IU 
Linda Newman - Cincinnati 
Simeon Warner - Cornell 
Jim Tuttle - Duke 


Agenda & Notes

  1. Roll Call
    1. Welcome New Folks  
    2. Attending
    3. Call for Agenda Items
  2. Next Call
    1. Date: December 12 
      1. Facilitator: Karen - WBGH
      2. Notetaker: Steve - Northwestern
  3. Hydra News
    1. Steering Group: new members, new Bylaws
      1. Congratulations to new Steering committee members: Mike and Jon.
      2. Richard: Steering group wanted to extend the level of experience/views and create more formal solution going forward. Started with the memorandum we all signed which dictates how Steering grows. Wrote up a new document called Bylaws. Acknowledged that the partners should have been involved with the process of adding new Steering Committee members  (current MOU doesn't allow for this). Therefore, a new working group will happen in the next calendar year which will involve partners and steering and look into how selection is made and review the process of selection for the Steering Committee.
      3. Linda Newman +1 on the selection of Mike and Jon
    2. Potentially contracting for financial & legal services
      1. Any community recommendations on orgs?
      2. Tom: There is a need to have capability to conduct banking & legal activities: trademark, intellectual property, bank accounts, etc. Steering is looking to determine how to contract out for services for the project. Current goal: handling funds and creating a legal body. Performed some canvasing of possible service orgs: DuraSpace and Apereo (Sakai and other things). Post comments to the hydra-partner list if you have them. In 2-3 weeks Steering will be getting together for a face to face meeting and this will be on the agenda.
      3. Jim: Talked about this at Duke and agreed/pleased to hear that this will be formalized. 
      4. We are all encouraged to take part in this discussion on the partner list.
  4. Standing Community to-do's
    1. Reports back (if any)
      1. AMIA Conference
        1. Karen: Mark Bussey was also there, worked on PBCore tools, WGBH, Stanford, IU gave presentation about the Hydra project, gave away a whole roll of Hydra stickers. A lot of people are interested in following up. Conversation with WNET in NY.It is in Portland next year. 
      2. Hydra UK, 22nd October 2014
        1. Chris: meeting focused on the nuts and bolts with getting up and running with Hydra. York, Durham and Lancaster. They are actively making rapid progress and hope to schedule another meeting in Jan/Feb to keep up momentum. Also trying to arrange a mini-hydra camp to get their developers up quicker. Durham and Lancaster have Hydra@Hull (Hull's system) running locally to play with.
        2. Richard: York is committed to using Hydra for a grant funded project.
      3. Hydra Developers - Making Progress Fall 2014, Nov. 6-7
        1. Tom: Oregon did a good job hosting, Karen did a good job keeping it organized. A lot of progress on the Hydra Work project. 
        2. Mark: Attempt to attend meeting remotely but was not successful. Looking into how to handle structuring hierarchical data for AV materials. What's next as a result of this meeting?
          1. Tom: great question. 
          2. Mike: Specific next steps:
            1. working with Penn to free up some of Mike's time to coordinate this project. 
            2. moving works into a merged Sufia, Worthwhile, Curate code base
            3. will have more info in a couple weeks on how we can all get involved
          3. Tom: will have to look into how to make remote participation better
            1. for questions, best to post to the tech and community lists.
          4. Mike: take look at Karen's email that went out to the Hydra lists that summarized the Work project on 11/13/2014
      4. Fedora 4 - webinar
        1. Adam Wead report on RDF capabilities
        2. Tom gave report on Stanford's work
        3. DuraSpace reported that it was very well received
        4. Tom: Webinar archived, Tom will forward a link to Hydra-Community list (
      5. DLF - Atlanta
        1. Karen: really good presence for Hydra
          1. taught a couple workshops
          2. panel on avalon
          3. talk on spotlight
          4. a lot of interest in hydra, particularly from institutions in GA since it was there
          5. highlight OS communities can make themselves more open and there could be
        2. Mike
          1. on panel about Sufia and open source software
            1. islandora
            2. bitcurator
            3. archivesSpace
            4. (all the other spaces) and handful of other OS projects
          2. panel went well, questions were good, open source community represented by a good panel
    2. Next Partner and dev-centric meetings
      1. See Events, presentations and articles page for latest details
        1. LibDevConX, 23-25th March 2015
          1. Tom: anticipating hydra developer days wed-fri, topics include GeoBlacklight and archives.
        2. Developer Congress / meetings - March 26 & 27th - After LDCX - Come and work on core gems, modularization of Sufia and Avalon, advancing core hydra topics (e.g., RDF)
        3. Power Steering - upcoming, details TBD 
          1. still organizing
        4. Regional meetings
          1. Karen: organizing a meeting in the northeast, from Princeton to Maine with parts of NY. 
            1. Brown is looking at dates. Yale and Northeastern are backups.
            2. Date likely to be in the spring, March and May are candidates. trying to avoid the snow months.
            3. This is not being exclusive to these states but the idea was to keep it within a day of travel
          2. Hydra UK that Chris talked about, possible Hydra Europe but plans are still being worked out
          3. Hydra Dev meeting attached to Code4Lib, 1.5 days after, University of Oregon may put something together to make that happen
            1. Karen: having a 2 day, 1/2 day on sat/sun before Code4Lib on PBCore
      2. If you organize a regional meeting, please add it to the hydra wiki events page and post notes.
    3. Training
      1. DLF in Atlanta October 27 - 29 (Hydra Installfest + Intro to Development in Hydra)
        1. 2 Hydra workshops (Install + Develop)
        2. 12-15 Hydra related presentations
        3. (covered above)
      2. Code4Lib 2015 - Portland, OR, February 9 - 12 
        1. RailsBridge (Carolyn Cole)
        2. Intro to Blacklight (Justin Coyne, Mark Bussey, Jessie Keck)
        3. GeoHydra / GeoBlacklight (Jack Reed, Darren Hardy, Bess Sadler)
        4. Dive into Hydra (Possibly with a focus on installing Worthwhile) (Justin Coyne, Mark Bussey, Bess Sadler)
        5. (partially covered above in regional meetings)
      3. Probable Hydra Camp this fall - TBD - Please get in touch with Mark if you'd like to host.
        1. Growing need at Yale for training. We could hold up to 28 students. 
        2. Mike F will follow up with Mark, will follow up on the hydra community list with notes about this possibility.
    4. Interest & Working Groups
      1. Proposal on formation and governance of working and interest groups
        1. Moving on the Hydra Working Groups proposal, conclusion on feedback from the partners
        2. Tom: Believe that at this point, have a final call for input and then send to partners for a final vote. Some discussion on the document, please take a look so this can get tied up in the next couple of weeks.
        3. Linda: good plan, would like to move this forward. The document seems to lay out what we are already doing. 
        4. Tom: agrees when working groups are working at their best but not a reflection of all working groups
        5. Anders: review and continue comments on the document so that we can conclude this and get it into use this year.
        6. Linda: Can the document be incorporated into the Wiki and not used as a stand alone document?
        7. We agree that we want this to move forward.
      2. Hydramata: 
        1. Rick: may be able to remove this from the list. Based on the work that has shifted to Hydra Works, decided to put hydramamata on hiatus and focus on Works and other things that are happening. Very excited about the good stuff happening with Hydra Works.
      3. Samvera User Experience Interest Group update
        1. Mark: Had a small meeting since the last call
          1. (link above goes to notes about the meeting and recording)
          2. will be having regular calls and talking about organizing document locations (Richard urged wiki: Trying to limit the number of lists and locations for info.)
          3. take a look at the notes on the wiki
      4. Hydra Works WG
        1. Mike: Covered most of this earlier in this meeting in the notes above
        2. Anders: we should watch this group as it progresses.
      5. Hydra Digital Preservation IG
        1. scheduled at the same time at the UX call
        2. Chris: aware of the clash with other meeting and will standardize a new schedule going forward.
          1. sent notes to the community list, sent out to list on 11/11/2014 that has new schedule
      6. Other Working/Interest Group Reports
        1. Interest in spinning up a repository managers interest group - Hannah Frost at Stanford
          1. Chris: Desire to do this, not sure if there has been follow up since Connect
        2. Data Modeling interest group
        3. Research Data IG?
          1. moved what was going to be a separate list to using the community list
        4. Tom: believes that some of the new interest groups are waiting on the new proposal
        5. Bess: agrees that they are waiting on the working group proposal to be ratified before creating GIS interest group
      7. There are good conversations happening on github. Some people don't feel comfortable using github. Could we at least have a pointer on the wiki to the place where conversations are happening on github?
        1. Anders: some discussion about this, has anything been done?
          1. Tom: in the spirit of the wiki, if someone thinks a link needs to happen, just go ahead and link it. There's no community consensus to do this.
          2. Linda: Encourage the GIT conversations to be summarized and posted to the community list and/or the tech list to link to conversations taking place on GitHub or other places.
    5. Status of information gathering on Fedora 3 -> Fedora 4 transitions (Migration messaging) 
      1. Hydra Project Strategy for Navigating the Choices Between Fedora 3 and Fedora 4
        1. Tom: survey distributed, it would help to have data on who has Fedora 3 stacks and are looking to migrate. Best ways to steer the transition is to have data from this survey
        2. Richard: document will be copied to the wiki on Monday
  5. Prospective Partner Intel Sharing
    1. Institutions in South America are interested
    2. Partners reporting on high level conversations about possible European adopters.
    3. New adopters are very serious about becoming partners, news to come soon.
    4. New adopters looking at Hydra as the primary platform for new projects.
    5. (notes kept vague by design...)
  6. Any other old or new business