June 12, 2020

Samvera Partners Call
Friday, June 12th, 2020
11:30 am  |  Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-05:00)  |  1 hr 

Meeting number: 737 192 431 
Meeting password:h9cwrT45

Join from a video conferencing system or application
Dial  738605799@tufts.webex.com

Join by phone
+1-617-627-6767 US Toll
Access code: 737 192 431 

Code of Conduct

We want Samvera Community to be a fun, informative, engaging event for all our partners and participants. We've got a few strategies to help make this happen:

    1. We encourage everyone to apply the Samvera community principles of openness, inquiry, and respect in their interactions at the event.

    2. We have officially adopted an Anti-Harassment Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to community helpers 


Facilitator: Richard Green

Note Taker:  Carolyn Caizzi


Robin Lindley Ruggaber

Margaret Mellinger

Alicia M. Morris

Esmé Cowles

Franny Gaede

Stuart Kenny

Karen Cariani

Kevin Kochanski

John Weise

Carolyn Caizzi

Nabeela Jaffer

Simeon Warner

Chris Awre

Rick Johnson

Jon Dunn

Brian McBride

Harriett Green

Maria Whitaker



1. Notetaker for next meeting: Thank you Tufts(Mike!) for hosting call. Robin Ruggaber will be notetaker for July 10.

Additional items for today's agenda?

2. Presentation from ATLA (Kevin Kochanski, Christy Karpinski)

See slides https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1RY9Tgqx_TRAH83Vh7sYAx-qAHMg3uSHG8PyTK3IfcaU/edit?usp=sharing

Bulkrax now supports OAI-PMH CSV BagIt and XML imports.  Harvests can be set up for incremental updates.

3. Trail Roadmap Council event on next call (7/10) (Nabeela/Simeon)

Based on Partners Meeting feedback, Steering thought it would be good to develop a better shared understanding of roadmaps in the community. Without the understanding, it will be hard to deduplicate effort or join each other in shared efforts on similar requirements/needs.  
With that in mind, we plan to use the Partner Call in July (July 10) for Roadmap Council presenting information on survey RC did in the fall about Partner roadmaps.  7 institutions responded.  Shows are divergent the roadmaps are. Want to discuss next steps and how to align roadmaps, provide a centralized way to show the variety of data in the roadmaps.

4. Governance survey (Richard)
Online Governance exercise that Partners did live in the Partners meeting is being sent out as a survey to broader communities, but also to other communities we work with.  Partners are encouraged to respond to survey even though we did it online in the virtual face to face.

5. Steering Group Elections update and reminders (Richard)
Voting will be done using Election Buddy.  Links will go out Tuesday next week (June 16) and we have until July 5 to vote.  See Candidates here: https://wiki.lyrasis.org/display/samvera/Candidates%3A+2020+Steering+Group+Elections

6. Samvera Repository (Richard)
Notch8 is hosting our very own Samvera repository. We have a Hyku repository.  Richard has been populating it with materials from previous Connects. 

7. Connect 2020 On-line and associated events (Brian and Richard)

Proposed date for Partner meeting - Wednesday/Thursday October 14/15th

Workshops - Thursday October 22nd

Plenary - Friday October 23rd  (3 hours)

Presentations - Monday 26th - Wednesday 28th October (3 x 3 hours)

Poster session - on-line during 22nd - 29th October - exact details tbd

Dev congress proposed during Monday 16th - Wednesday 18th November (not necessarily on all three days)

If you see any problems with above, contact Brian and Richard asap.  Also, Program Comm. is looking into having some online social meet ups too. 

8. Anything to raise with the Steering Group?

9. Date of next call
Friday 10th July - normal time slot

Code of Conduct and RoadMap Council--may run over so if you can make some time for that potential please do.